Spigot BedrockMiner 1.0.2-b5

Mine bedrock!

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    BedrockMiner - Mine bedrock!

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  2. do your plugin have support for factions uuid and worldguard
  3. Should support most, if not all protection plugins.
  4. what is permission for mine bedrock because my players can mine bedrock but I can with op
  5. hello there I use your plugin last version
    I have add permission to player bedrockminer.mine
    tools is diamondpickaxe
    I have factionsuuid and worldguard last version
    and players can t break bedrock
    when block need to be broken animation just restart and block is not broken
    I can break block with op
  6. Are you breaking it in creative mode? Do you have any anticheat plugins?
  7. NoCheatPlus + compactnocheat +mcmmo
  8. hello again problem is in NoChetPlus when I unload nochetplus your plugin start to work
    can u make support for NCP
  9. Doesnt work with factionsuuid
  10. A little more than a 'It doesn't work' is helpful. What happens when people break bedrock? Do you have any console errors?
  11. No Errors the bedrock breaks in claimed territory
  12. if u owner of server check if u have enable /f bypass
  13. I disabled it.
  14. for me work ok I use last version of factions and worldguard I get msg I can t break that block in other people territory
  15. Im using factionsuuid by drtshock
  16. Are you sure you configured everything correctly? FactionsUUID works fine for me.
  17. I didnt even touch the config
  18. It's not giving to download.