Spigot BedWars Random Map ➥ Like a big NetWork + Added Join Menus!!! 8.2

bedwars, addon, big network, utility

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  2. can have the playing placeholders
  3. Hello, I am a chinese player. This plugin is very good! Can I carry it to the MineCraft forum in China?(www.mcbbs.net)I will keep your original right
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  4. Yes, you can.
    But you must add the original spigot page to download the source.
    Thanks you. :D
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  5. Sure Thank you~;););)
  6. where do I install the maps?
    When i type /bwrm solo it returns command unkown
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  7. you must have a bedwars plugin in your server, like Bedwars reloaded or bedwars/eggwars, exc...
  8. after this, you must check the join command and you must put the join command in the plugin configuration file
  9. Gionatan updated BedWars Random Map ➥ Like a big NetWork + Added 1.13 Support!! with a new update entry:

    BedWars Random Map ➥ Like a big NetWork + Added Join Menus!!

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  10. [QUOTE = "Gionatan, post: 3092784, member: 99088"] dopo questo, devi controllare il comando join e devi inserire il comando join nel file di configurazione del plugin [/ QUOTE]
    non c'è nulla che ti dice di impostare la mappa, faccio bwrm join ma nulla, come si imposta la mappa e il resto? Non c'è nemmeno un video tutorial. Non dice che tipo di plugin bedwars consigliare impostando la mappa
  11. ciao, ho letto solo adesso il messaggio...
    Allora, per impostare la mappa c'è un esempio nel file direttamente...
    Mentre per il plugin bedwars è universale, ti basta impostare nella voce join command il comando di join del tuo plugin bedwars...

    Spero di esserti stato d'aiuto ;)
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  12. I'm recoding all plugin to add the bungee version, leave agree if you're happy
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  13. Why can't I use this plugin even though I have assigned permission