Spigot Bedwars-Rel 1.3.6

Destroy others beds with bedwars reloaded

  1. How do you use this with LeaderHeads?
  2. How do I allow blocks to be placed around the beds? I have already set spawn protection to 0 in the server properties but still no luck.
  3. You have to disable it in the config file.
  4. Ich nutze das Plugin auf einen 1.14.4 bukkit server, kann aber das bett nicht setzen.
    Fehler: you have to targed or stand on a block of the configured "game-block" type
  5. Hi, can I add to the shop enchanted book? Thanks
  6. In my config.yml file, I changed the resources to iron, gold, diamonds, and emeralds to emulate a more hypixel-ish feel. I set the cooldown times to 1 second for iron, 10 seconds for gold, 20 for diamonds, and 1 min for emeralds. After the second generator upgrade, the iron and gold generator completely breaks and only generate resources once every (it seems) 10 seconds!!

    If anyone knows how to fix this or what the issue is, please reply to this post ASAP


    also, here is my config.yml just in case

  7. What is enchant to efficiency in shop setup
  8. Kinda decent bedwars plugin. Thanks!
  9. OK.
    MySQL is enabled on every server (arenas and lobby), but the plugin is not placing datas into the database, and it's using YAML mode.
    Can someone help me please?

    Ui: This plugin is great.
  10. Hypixel boiii
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  11. Lol
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  12. This plugin is amazing just letting every1 know
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  13. Hello, i need help. I want to setup NPC with bedwars games. I want to make menu where you can choose what game you want tl join. But i dont know how to add "placeholder" with status of game. I know how to make how many players playing on the map or are are in lobby, but i want to add STATUS (like : in game or starting or waiting or anything like that (something same like is on the sign, but on npc..) thanks for help me.
    Edit: I need to make joing to to game With NPC but where i can see status of game and players.
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  14. My friend can't place blocks in the Bedwars world any help would be appreciated, he is op and he set spawn protection is 0 this is his config file.
  15. Idk if this will ever be seen by the creator, but there is an issue with water where it dosen't clear it if there is more than 1 water source placed down during a game. It clears the rest of the water except the source.
  16. Wollte fragen wo die permission für schnell start ist und schnell shop wäre nice wenn du es mir sagen würdest ps liebe dein Plugin!!
  17. cau i need advice if i want to set the bed so it will write me a game-block how to solve it?
  18. Can you turn off the antie flight?
  19. im testing if works in 1.16.4
  20. If u switch to game mode 3,fly some blocks up and then switch back to game mode 1 u can fly!