Spigot Bedwars-Rel 1.3.6

Destroy others beds with bedwars reloaded

  1. Yes, that's true. Kits are too far away from classic bedwars gameplay. The only thing that will be implemented is the possibility to buy multiple things with one click in shop. It's kinda buying a kit. But there won't be "start-kits".
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    Update 1.3.0

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  3. I was asking this because there is no way to monetize the plugin and a dedicated server is not free :/
  4. You can get money with selling premium ranks which gives you the permission to join full bedwars games. For my root-server (!) that's enough in terms of solving financial issues :)
  5. Hey,
    Da ich weis das du deutsch bist schreib ich einfach mal in deutsch ^^
    Also wie bekomme ich es hin das die Spieler ein Bett haben um ihr Team auszusuchen?
    Am anfang hat es Funktioniert jetzt aber grade nicht daher die Frage was habe ich umgestellt und wie kann ich das wieder wichtig machen?

  6. Have a look at following setting in your config.yml
    Code (Text):

    # Global autobalance
    # type: boolean
    # Enables autobalancing in every game
    global-autobalance: false
  7. Bitte schreibe dann trotzdem in Englisch. Es wollen manche wissen was du Frägst/Schreibst. Es gibt auch Leute die nur Englisch sprechen aber helfen wollen.
  8. Hallo,
    coole neue Version, wir haben so alle darauf gewarted :)
    Eine Frage:
    Ist es möglich Einen Block z. b. Lehm nach Teamfarbe im Shop zu verkaufen?
    wäre echt cool ;-)

    In Englisch:
    Is it possible that you sell a Block in the shop with the teamcolour?

    Sorry for my bad Englisch xD
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  9. could u do it in English im not getting it also u enable the lobby on the bedwars server and u cant log from the lobby to the bedwarsserver
  10. When you have a BedWars Server and a Lobby Server, you have to use for example BungeeSigns. Thats because the Signs from the BEdWars Plugin can't send you to another Server.
  11. How do I make map auto-resetting after a game withut bungee?
  12. The game resets when you type /bw stop {arenaname} or a new round starts in this map
  13. Unfortunately potions are broken in latest spigot builds. We are still not sure about how to fix this properly.
  14. When placing the sign it says Locale not found, I recreated the plugin files and locales.. Any fix?
  15. Is in the server log any errors?
  16. Nope,
    Edit: I did a fresh install and it works now, no idea why..
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