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  1. Porque no usas el ICON del holographic Displays?? Osea /hd create prueba ICON:diamond
  2. I want server test
  3. There's this one[​IMG]
  4. is there a video in English please :)
  5. I hope this useful for you :)

    on break:
    if {Bedw***.*****::%event-location%} is set:
    cancel event
    send "cancel message"

    So you just don't need to use is not wool or something, right?
  6. Just saying you have misspelled the word Support under the features list

    It says Sopport when it is meant to say Support.
  7. how do I install it I installed the dependencies
  8. Can I edit messages?
  9. Does this plugin support 1.8?
    Please let me know as soon as possible, thank you.
  10. Hey! Can I buy ur plugin via paypal without a credit card? I really need it and I don't have a credit card..
  11. This resource has been removed and is no longer available for download.