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  1. How to build bungee corresponding to multiple wake-up games。I bought your plug-in, but it won't be configured.
  2. Just set serverType: BUNGEE in config. And for auto-wake up games when arenas are full you need something like AWS, but I'm not sure you're talking about this. Be more explicit.
  3. It is the port located in plugins/BedWarsProxy/config.yml

    your wiki

    what means BedWarsProxy?

    i cant find BedWarsProxy/config.yml.

    so can you tell me where is it
  4. I'm very sad. Can I get a refund for this? I will not configure the BUNGEE server. Or can you send me a configured BUNGEE server and sub-clothes to imitate? I really feel bad.
  5. for auto-wake up games there is TimoCloud but i don't really know how does it works (I never tested it but peoples seem to like it)
  6. Screenshot_1.png
  7. I don't understand what's your point. You're not explaining your issue... and I'm not here to teach you how to make a server.
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  8. How to see a lot of bedwars in bungee lobby and get into the game from lobby
  9. Ah ok, you need a plugin for that. "BungeeJoinSigns" etc.. I'm working on a bedwars lobby plugin and I can send you the jar on Discord if you want. It provides a join GUI for bungee networks and more.
  10. OK ,OK ,send me . i will try it.
  11. :cry:,I have been waiting for you to send me the plugin, wait for the hard work, I have joined Discord .

    tag :blank826#6326
  12. Hey fella, how can I set multiple types for a single arenas
  13. andrei1058 updated BedWars1058 - The most modern bedwars plugin. [bungee/multiarena/shared] with a new update entry:

    added level system

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  14. can't you add map selector for each mod (solo,doubles...), since it randomly teleports me to a arena everytime.
  15. como puedo para que en el menu de escoger las arenas me salga el {type:1vs1vs1}
    ya puse todo correcto pera no me sale esa linea del type:
    porfa si algen sabe contestar con una respuesta...
  16. upload_2019-5-3_23-34-36.png

    solo quiero que me salga el TYPE:
    no me sale el Type
    porfa si algen sabe que me lo diga.