Beginner Java Project Ideas

Discussion in 'Programming' started by AeriusMC, Jun 12, 2015.

  1. Hi spigot. I would like to know some Java Project ideas that I can make to improve my programming skills. I know the definition of many things but I don't really now the syntax too greatly. I know I could just google search java project ideas for beginners but I would like to get some from the spigot community. IT would be greatly appreciated!

    My knowledge of java:
    - Variables
    - Objects
    - Methods
    - this keyword
    - interfaces
    - getters and setters
    - A little of the toString() method
    - Constructors
    - Switch statement, while loops, for loops and if statement
    - Bit of the Scanner Class

    Those are pretty much all the basic things I know in java. Projects ideas I can work on would be greatly appreciated! Please no mineraft plugins, just project ideas.