Beginner Programming Mistakes And Why You're Making Them

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  1. Refering to the Thread Title ... "Beginner programming mistakes"

    Surely, attempting to programme in language a. for an application written in laguage b. is a mistake for any beginner?
  2. Using other JVM languages (i.e. they ultimately target the same Java Virtual Machine) is not a mistake; that choice is typically deliberate.
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  3. Is talking about other JVM language bad to a Java beginner bad ? :p

    PS: Nice message footer.
  4. libraryaddict


    Lib's disguises has a lot of static references..

    How long do I have for a grace period?
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  5. static isn't bad, it has lots of good uses, but can easily be misused. You seem to be definitely above what I'd call a beginner, so if you think your static usage is good, while not falling within the boundaries set by the OP, then go for it. There's no reason to avoid static if it makes your code better. (Of course, you should evaluate if your static usage actually makes your code better, though.)
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  6. Just expired
  7. libraryaddict


    Phew. For a second I was worried I'll need to redo all 758 static references.
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  8. SkillCode

    SkillCode Previously AbgeSkillt

    I know a guy who sells plugins he skidded from YouTube :ROFLMAO:
  9. Nice tutorial,thanks.
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  10. Great read, thank you very much!
  11. What does this mean exactly? I really want to increase the code quality of my plugin and due to the phrasing of the rejection message I think I should mainly focus on point 3.1. Of course I already abide by the relatively simple points (no static abuse/not a single class etc). I understand my work should be OOP friendly, but can't figure out what the second part of this sentence means.
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  12. Choco


    Good question. Re-reading, I don't even know what I meant. I will remove this :)
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  13. I really want to thank you @Choco for creating this thread! It has helped me a whole lot in improving my code and achieving my goals! After reading this thread I started digging deeper in OOP (as my code wasn't really OOP friendly before) and java itself and now I even got my first Premium plugin accepted! :giggle: I can really see the improvements when comparing to my old code. I'd say I developed some good coding habits now.
    Thank you!:)
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  14. Choco


    I’m really happy to hear that! Just be open to constantly learning :) there’s always room for improvement, even I’m still learning.
  15. I can totaly agree with that, I think there's always something we can learn :)
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  16. *ressource

    But very nice thread indeed. I think It'll help a lot of people
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  17. Nein
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  18. Choco


    Nope. It's uh... it's definitely "resource". :p But thank you though