Beginning a new server. Need some help.

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  1. Hello there!

    I´m beginning a new server and would like to have some help with some questions.
    I´m new to minecraft hosting, i´ve only hosted servers on a shared host(Which was great). I already had 3 small servers(6 players online, 10 peak hours) so i know many plugins on the bukkitdev site/here.
    I don´t know any programming language and i never used linux/ssh or something, only ftp and multicraft.

    I´m to begin a minigame server, with 2 custom minigames / and 2 (more known) minigames.
    And here are some of my questions:

    - What is the best choice? Shared hosting/Vps/dedicated machine.
    What hosting do you recommend?
    - What do you recommend to begin in ram? I was thinking 1GB to begin building the server, and 2-3 GB when it´s done.

    - Is it a idea to use bungeecord?
    - Or should i prefer beginning with multi-worlds?

    So i´m needing a website for it, what are you´re preferences?
    - Enjin,
    - Xenforo forum
    - Normal website
    - Other options?
    Also i´m needing a donation plugin, i was thinking of using buycraft, should i then use the premium version? Or use any other plugin?

    More advice is highly apreciated!

    So these are my questions,
    I hope you can answer them!


    PS Sorry for my english, if there are some mistakes.
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  2. Hey Robin,

    When starting a server there are many things to consider.
    When should I have a server Hub?
    Well, when you have a large player base (Not 40 people) I would recommend having a Hub. This is only intended if you are going to be using BungeeCord and linking many servers to one.
    What's wrong with having a hub with 40 players?
    Players will spread around across all your server and you might have 1-10 on each and people will become bored because there is no active community.
    What are the Positives and Negatives of owning a server?

    - Positives:
    • You have full control of your own server
    • If you do it correctly you could make some cash (Don't think you will make lots of money in the first few months and most importantly DO NOT make a server to make money.
    - Negatives:
    • Stress
    • No time
    • Empty wallet (This isn't always the case, but if you do it incorrectly it will be)
    • Ddos attacks ($$$)
    Note: Not trying to scare anyone from owning a server. ;)
    "If you want to achieve something in life, you have to go through it and earn it - No shortcuts" - YourDad50
    - What is the best choice?
    What player count are you hoping for? Dedicated would be the best option for a large community.
    What hosting do you recommend?
    - What do you recommend to begin in ram? I was thinking 1GB to begin building the server, and 2-3 GB when it´s done.
    Depends on you intended player count. Only upgraded when you need to upgrade. 2-3GB could possibly be enough (Many variables will effect this, player count and the number of plugins you intend to run).

    - Is it a idea to use bungeecord?
    BungeeCord is an excellent option for connecting multiple servers together. Since you are going to have a minigame server you might want to consider using Bungee (Later on).
    - Or should begin with multi-worlds?
    Don't have any recommendations for this one, I prefer Bungee because Multiworld servers take forever to set- up (IMO).

    - So I am needing a website for it, what are your preferences?
    Some people like Enjin and other prefer XenForo. Enjin has many features such as Voting, DonationCraft and many others. I don't mind what hosting people use, as long as it looks nice and doesn't look like every other servers website.
    - Also I am needing a donation plugin, I was thinking of using Buycraft, should I then use the premium version? Or use any other plugin?
    BuyCraft is a very powerful tool and so is DonationCraft. If you are going to use Enjin for your server I would recommend using DonationCraft. Any other hosting I would use BuyCraft since DonationCraft is an Enjin only plugin.
    - Buycraft Premium:
    Depends on the number of things you are going to sell on your web-store.

    If I think of more things I will add them on to the list.

    Have fun with your server,

    PS. These notes are intended as my opinion and I don't want arguments. (Speaking from past forum experiences)
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  3. VPS, Dedicated hosting needs linux knowledge, or a smart system administrator, but learning a linux distro isn't hard.

    Shared is alright for small servers (1gb-8gb of ram) anymore go dedicated.
    Thing is, shared hosting services oversell it's something you don't hear off, they don't say they do, they try and fit as many servers on to the machine, so ram and cpu usages shoot up really high causing lag to your server.

    Back into the days when I worked at, I won't say the companies name, there were too many idiots running 4-10 maps with 30ish plugins on a server with 1GB of ram shared on a CPU with only 2.6GHz.

    The CPU usage shot up really high.

    P.S. Some people think having ram is more important to a good CPU, if you are one, you are wrong. Xeon E3 1230 would be good for 1 server, as minecraft isn't multithreaded, so clock speed is more important.

    I had a Xeon E5 in mind, can't remember the model, it could easily host 4 servers with 100 slots each no lag at all. Depends on the processor more than ram!

    I suggest VPS or dedicated.

    TIP: Don't go with VolumeDrive because their cheap, most cheap hosts provide cheap quality!
  4. Ty for the help already!

    I´ve been working hard last vacations and have gain some money.
    In total i have 400€ not much but.
    I´m beginning with a small / medium community I think.

    Do you know some place where i can get cheap dedicated or vps? Not for big community, it will begin small.
    And where did you learn linux?
  5. OVH is a great place to start for cheap dedicated. As for cheap VPS, there's always Volumedrive, but I'm not sure if that's even better than shared :/ . I'm kind of in the same boat as you.

    As for learning Linux, I'd recommend the guide Corin made. It's great for learning how to secure a server and basic practices for Linux and Minecraft in general. For basic basic basic (yes, 3 basics) Linux, I'd recommend checking out this guide. After learning the basics, it's mostly trial and error for Linux. That's mostly how I learned. If you want a cheap box to test stuff with and play around with Linux, I'd recommend just buying a Raspberry Pi. They're great for learning (but are a bit slow) and are only $35. Think I'm starting to ramble here, so I'll end there. Good luck with your server!
  6. My opinion on the website, don't use Enjin. It's an overused website tool that creates easy websites within minutes - which doesn't necessarily put your servers differently than others. I would recommend grabbing a custom website if possible, but xenForo does work great. One of the best things you want to focus on is integration - if your servers are completely different, no website / server integration, your player base will be scattered. For example, on my servers we have constant cross-server communication via a /shout command (sorry I'm a lily guy, not bungee :p ), which really connects our servers together.

  7. Ty for the tutorials, im learning it:)
    One question, do you have any advice for dedicated server from OVH?

    Ok, i was already thinking not to use enjin.
    Can jou send me you´re server ip, so that i can see how you did that?( To let me get a idea)

    Also, i´m not a webdesigner, what´s the best/easiest way to integrate you´re server with website?

  8. If you get a VPS/Dedicated server, install Apache into it, and you could pay a one-time fee for XenForo, and upload it to your server, or you can pay monthly fees for Enjin, but it's Enjin, too many server owners choose Enjin, plus nearly half of the Enjin sites look really alike. XenForo on the other hand, has better forum functionality, a plugin api, so you can get more than what you paid for, and also save money.

    As for VPS, don't go with VolumeDrive as I stated above. You can get a server with 2GB of ram and a CPU (shared of course, this has to be shared) with a speed of 3.3GHz. Can easily handle at least 40 people with a few lightweight plugins that are not memory hoggers, I suggest go for 4GB if you want to handle more players and more plugins just to be safe. Here is the link to RamNode:

    Another good VPS, a bit expensive though.

  9. I don´t like enjin and i´m never gonna use it.

    Isn´t xenforo a bit expensive? Cause i have now in my pocket 450€ to spend. Or is it really good idea?

    I´m maybe getting a new web designer making my website for free. (Not a great website but it´s better than nothing).

    And also, is it a good idea to host you´re website on the same vps/dedicated, for example? or using a shared host for it/other vps?

  10. XenForo is really nice, it provides a lot of features, but if you want to save money, I recommend you using phpBB/myBB or another CMS like that. You can easily have a good looking site if you use those free tools I said, provided that you customise it, because it's default look is terrible.

    If you're using a dedicated server go for hosting a website on your machine, if a VPS, go ahead and host it on the machine, many VPS resellers provide more than one core, and since minecraft is not multi threaded, you could probably fit a website a server on a VPS, you should probably monitor the CPU usage though, I assume it won't use a lot of CPU to run apache (don't use apache, use nginx it's less memory crunching).

    You asked above, what's the easiest way to integrate your server into your server into your website, I don't know what you mean, but if you mean adding something that prints out the number of players on to the screen, you can use PHP socket api to do so, it's not very hard, I'm sure there is a tutorial on here of somewhere giving out the source.
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  11. I would get two of the 2GB from Intreppid as for they offer DDOS protection. Probably setup bungeecord and it would work. $80 already through now to website. I would use Xenforo and if you can get your web designer to make a theme or skin for your Xenforo site. $220 already time for whatever you want builders, custom plugins, buycraft, etc.

  12. Good idea, but why Intreppid, he probably won't get ddosed > 100mbps. Even if he does, most GSPs/VPS resellers use a 1Gbps network.
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  13. Sorry but intrepidd doesn´t have VPS, only dedicated servers.
    I´m gonna buy xenforo.(If my parents let me buy it)

    I would like to have a developer to make my plugins but i think i don´t have money enough then
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  14. I'm a web designer myself, so I did my own custom website. RobinHood_3 the IP is (muah hahah)

  15. Depending on the simplicity on of your requested plugins, I may be able to do it for free.
  16. Wonderful forum, only 1 error, your backgroung

    I will send you a pm, with the idea.
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  17. They have mc hosting witch is you get two servers you can use bungee to connect them.

  18. Ok, but i think i don´t choose them because i don´t need jet ddos protection. But wy 2 servers? I´m making a minigame server so. Can jou explain me wy?
    And for bungee, i think i need a 3rd server isn´t it?
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  19. Edit: I´ve found 2 dutch hosting companys that sells managed dedicated servers, so you get a dedicated server but only acces to a multicraft license where you can make 5 servers.

    The first when aspects:
    cpu 4 cores or 2x Intel xeon quad core
    16GB Ram or 32 GB Ram
    200GB hdd storage or 100Gb SSd
    Mysql databases, (This one is 110€ each month)
    1Gbit uplink
    1Tb bandwith
    Location: NL- Rotterdam
    Operation system: Ubunto
    Multicraft with 5 license(5 servers)
    70€ each month
    (It´s in dutch)

    The other one:
    CPU: Intel i5 2400 (3,1ghz)
    16GB Ram DDR3
    2TB Storage
    Location: france
    100Mbit Uplink
    10Tb bandwith
    Multicraft with 5 license(5 servers)
    45€ each month
    (Dutch language)

    They also have this one:
    CPU: Intel X3330 (2,66GHz)
    8GB Ram DDR3
    Location: Holland
    1Gbit Uplink
    1Tb bandwith
    Multicraft with 5 license(5 servers)
    60€ each month

    What do you think about this?
  20. I haven't been following this thread too closely, but is there a reason why you don't want to/can't get a cheap server from OVH and set things up? Linux isn't too hard to learn to set up especially with Corin's guide on setting up things on a *nix box.

    Orange Lemon: They don't really give any info about the processor GHz or the exact model number. Also, if your server gets very popular you may run out of that 1TB of bandwidth. However, everything else looks good. The SSD's will be nice if you are doing a lot of I/O.

    Creative Teamspeak: Looks good. The second package with the E3-1245v2 looks especially nice. Much better than the Orange Lemon one (has SSD's in RAID, more bandwidth, better processor possibly). Also has a 200Mbit link which isn't bad. I'd say go for this one if you have the cash and have to choose between Orange Lemon and Creative Teamspeak.