Being or Got Scammed?

Discussion in 'Spigot Discussion' started by zThana, May 2, 2015.

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  1. Heey,

    It's currently 04:50 AM at where I live. I wanted to go to bed at around 00:00 AM.
    I've been designing for someone and he's been asking me if I could make a small change, another small change, another one, that grew to 15 small changes. This took me multiple hours to complete and it's finally done. We've made a deal already, he would pay me 12 USD, but now, he would come back in "a bit" and he would pay me the money "in a bit".
    A quarter later, now, he still hasn't responded or payed, and when I looked at his channel, which has 1 sub, he used the watermarked version.
    Idk what he's doing now, he might just be trying to remove the watermark.
    The watermark is all over the banner and it has my name (Pr0totype2) on it.

    What can I do?
    Do I have to wait?
    Do I have to go to bed and I will see what's happening when I wake up?

    I'm really confused

    - Pr0totype2
  2. I would suggest contacting YouTube (Google), assuming this "Channel" is on Youtube.

    You wont miss much if you have a good sleep in the mean time
  3. This should really be in offtopic.
    To be honest, the guy was a jackass and the only thing to do is report him to youtube. Reporting probably won't do anything permanent to him. If you did take him to court, it would be a waste of time and effort. Not much you can do.
  4. @GGhost you can search google by image and then report every. single. occurance of the image
  5. Google doesn't have every single site and site page indexed to the latest version :/
  6. You can't do much, but it's a lesson so next time get them to pay half of the money first.
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  7. Tao


  8. Haven't received any message or money yet.. I ruined my whole sleep to help someone, but instead I get scammed.
  9. what is the scammer's spigot username?
  10. @BlazePerson
  11. Is there something gonna happen with him yet?
  12. why was he contacting you if he didn't have a paypal account?
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  13. Guys I'm really sorry, I'm going to get a paypal card and pay him back.
  14. I have... No idea
    I said since the beginning I would like to be payed through Paypal
    Now he's making a gift card cuz he's having trouble linking his card.
  15. - Requesting a thread lock.
  16. click on the first post (when you created the thread) at the report button and as reason request lock
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