Best 1.6.2 spigot build?

Discussion in 'Spigot Discussion' started by COOKIE_EATER_13, Aug 7, 2013.

  1. Title says it all whats the best spigot build atm loke stable build :)
  2. I would use build #1073 since it was the last successful build, all newer builds currently are unstable.
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  3. If you use VariableTriggers, stick to 1056 as the best =/
    and pray the author gets away from async methods eventually.
  4. Bestle


    I always use the latest :)
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  5. Since Spigot only makes changes on top of CraftBukkit, most of the time you can assume the newest version is the most stable.
  6. Jigsaw


    1080 is working without issues for me. Been using it for 2 days now.
  7. CCT



    Never crashes and fixed a few bugs for me.
  8. I'm on 1036 currently, and I'm thinking to update, but I'm not sure to which version
  9. #1080 then no any update version? #1081 ?
  10. seems like a good sign that there were no updates for a week, makes me think there were no pressing issues
    im going to give 1081 a try finally

    was the thing with zombies ever fixed?