Best 10Gbps Provider in North America

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  1. Hello,

    I am looking to do some testing on a 10Gbps dedicated server. If you have any experience with providers that provide 10gbps dedicated servers in North America, especially for gaming, TCP for minecraft, please share :)

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    Does anyone provide quality 10gbps? Why do you need so much?
  3. I was informed that FDC Serves provide 10Gbps, but they buy traffic from Cogent Communications, which is not very good for game server.
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    Besides anyone that doesn't use Cogent, good luck with your anti-ddos solution.
  5. Thanks, but this is nothing related. The hub server gets too much traffic already
  6. How many players do you have that requires you to have 10Gbps. 1Gbps is plenty.
  7. Sometimes a small server with multiple worlds or far view distance can take up alot of traffic. I am just preparing and want to have some surplus. Also to test something :)
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    I think your bottleneck is somewhere else, even in worst case scenario with every player loading chunks all the time you can still manage about 5,000 players on a 1 gigabit connection. Since you are using Bungee we can halve this to 2500 players. I doubt you are getting that many at once.....
  9. If you are really this worried about losing your connections, which you won't, check out, they have a 2Gbps option. They are expensive. But they have it. Only one I can think of off the top of my head. They also have a HPC, High Performance Computing, that offers a 10Gbps, but its pretty expensive, and uses Server graphic cards as processing. (Nvidia Teslas in specific.)
  10. Yes, there is one traffic flood on my hunger games server, probably plugin problem. Back to the topic, if you know any good provider, do make suggestion.
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    Players connections can't handle much more traffic than that. The scenario you have outlined is impossible.
    Even if it was a plugin issue, maybe identifying and rectifying that is a better option than spending money and time migrating servers.
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  12. Alright, appreciate the help.
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  14. If you are still looking and want to go dedicated, offer good dedicated servers that come with free support and start at 10Mbps connection. Just open up a ticket or hop on livechat if you want to purchase. If it helps at all, I run a tekkit, voltz, FTB server and a bukkit server on one of their dedicated servers and 10Mbps is fine for me :)

    I can set up a test server for you if you like, just PM me or email [email protected] and I can set something up :)
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