Best Admin Plugins

Discussion in 'Spigot Discussion' started by revengcreeper, Jan 7, 2017.

  1. What are the best admin proxy plugins? (Banning, muting, kicking, ect)
  2. I prefer Prism for logging, worldguard for land protection, and I just use the default bukkit commands for kicking/banning. Essentials for mute (though now I have my own chat plugin that handles mutes).
  3. Thanks helped a lot!!
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  4. I would also try putting punishment gui and staff/ moderation system up there!!
  5. And do litebans for banning so appeal website etc will be in there
  6. Thanks for the suggestion! Im looking for a ban, tempban. ipban, mute, ect for proxy side. I dont wanna go all the way to hub ban the dude then go back to the server he was on and kick him.
  7. AdvancedBans.
  8. I moved away from Prism to CoreProtect, it's much more up to date for 1.11.2 and just as fast and easy to use.

    To the OP,
    Consider CMI, it helps for online and offline players, handy for inventory viewing, extra stats, and whois details, as well as name change history etc.
  9. I used to use CoreProtect, but it didn't do everything I needed it to do, and latest version is working on 1.11.2 without issue and supports new mobs & blocks no problem.
  10. When I check Prism, it seems they stopped development after 1.8, none of the new stuff is supported, and their focus is for Sponge, not Spigot. Am I missing something?
  11. Nope, thats all true, but for whatever reason it runs just fine on all the new versions as of 1.11.2