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  1. What the best anti-cheat? And I don't care about the costs unless its like 100 dollars.
  2. Celebrimbor


    Why did you review another thread with the exact same question, comment on it, then start an identical thread? :/

    Generic threads asking "What's the best anti-cheat" just becomes a popularity contest. It is better to review the 4,789 threads asking the exact same question and also looking at each public anti-cheat. Look at the reviews, supported versions, advertised blocked hacks, activity and support of dev, number of updates, history of the plugin, etc.

    All these threads do is create collections of votes based on what people are personally using (it will not help you). Eventually, a dev(or other) will get butt hurt and rage/flame the thread.

    I recommend(to start) you research:

    I wish you luck.
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  3. Wow what an original thread. Never heard of this before.
  4. Becaus I commented on that after I made this one.
    Well I want to know the BEST one. But I still don't know after looking at like 3-4 other posts because everyone seems to get like super butt hurt and they start accusing people of stuff.
  5. There is no "best one", all anti cheats have their pros and cons, none of them have only pros.
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