Best AntiCheat for PVP-oriented server?

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  1. Hi!

    We're hosting a PvP-oriented server, and we have problems with selecting the anti-cheat plugin.
    It is really important for us, that we should have a perfect killaura, legitaura, criticals etc.. detections, so basically the best combat hack detection.
    We've found several free and premium anti-cheat, which are giving perfect movement checks, but the most important thing for us would be the combat hack detection.

    We have tried the following plugins:

    Problem: Not accurate KillAura detection, also slow, and there's a lot of hacked client, which can bypass it.
    Version: 4.4.0 with default config (also tried AACAdditionPro)
    AAC config: default (should I buy Celebrimbor's?)
    AACAP config: default

    Problem: It seems like it doesn't detect KillAura at all, and if it does, it's like taking a minute or so to get kicked.
    Version: Build 358
    Config: default

    Problem: It was decent, but the combat checks were also a bit slow (i could use killaura for about 30-40 seconds before got kicked), also the other checks aren't the best.
    Version: I can't remember, my friend bought it
    Config: default

    Problem: It detects most of the hacks in about 10-20 seconds, but it doesn't kick/ban the players. I don't know how could this happen, but literally the config doesn't give you an option to set the VLs, that's a bit strange for me. Also asked the author (Fozzie), and he said, that they'll be banned after a set amount of violations, which is, unfortunately not true (at least in my case).
    Version: I also can't remember, my friend bought this too, and we've tested it about a month ago.

    Matrix (Free)
    Problem: Also slow combat checks, before setting the killaura's sensitivity to 0 (lowest), it literally took me more than 1 minute to get kicked, but I can't really blame 'em, because we've used the free version, and I know, that there's premium.
    Version: The latest version of the free edition
    Config: for the first time default, then I changed some values, but it didn't get any better.

    Horizon (Free)
    Problem: It was relatively fast, but there were many false positives.
    Version: 1.4.6-Hotfix#8
    Config: default

    NoCheatPlus (Free)
    Problem: Well, we all know that this is a basic anticheat, and it won't really work the best on a big pvp network, also seems like there's no killaura check at all, sorry for saying this.
    Config: for the first time default, then I downloaded Captain_Obvious's config, then I bought a config in another platform.
    Version: 3.16.0-RC-sMD5NET-b1134

    Now, I'm thinking about buying:
    Cerberus AntiCheat from yooniks
    AngelX from yazon_pro
    Verus from Kyle (it seems like a bit too expensive to me, but I don't know if it's worth it or not)

    Honestly, I don't know what would be the best choice to buy or to use.
    If anyone have experience with the listed plugins, or if you could recommend another AntiCheat i would be happy.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. At the end of the day nothing works perfectly, but Spartan is honestly the best you can get in my opinion
  3. My problem with Spartan was, that it's pretty slow detecting different KillAura or other combat hacks, and as I mentioned earlier, that would be the most important thing for us.
    Spartan is good at movement checks (like Fly, Speed, Jesus etc..), but I could literally use KillAura for about a minute before the plugin even notified me that I'm hacking.
    AutoClicker (FastClicks) check is proper, but also a bit slow.
    That's my problem with most of these AntiCheats.
  4. I'd say to give Frequency a try. If you maybe disable some unsafe checks, I think it could serve its purpose.
  5. You're not very subtle lol
  6. Personally, I quite antiaura although I would say the default config is quite lenient so it takes a little bit of callibration on your end to reduce the min and max sample sizes if you want faster detection and play around with a couple of the other settings in the advanced config. But generally, I would recommend it for pvp

    @Elevated on a seperate note Frequency looks interesting lol looking into anticheat development myself nice to see something other than NCP being open source and modern as an anticheat
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  7. Spartan has a terrible optmization, if u re expecting high player base i wont reccomend u that anti cheat.
    PD: high player base = + 85
  8. Don't be surprised that combat checks take longer to detect than movement checks; I'd consider 30s of combat to be decent. Most people seem to forget that combat has to be analyzed as there's nothing to distinguish the computer 'clicking' or a person with a mouse.
    On that note, I just spent the last 4 days improving NCP's reach check and the fight.direction check took less time, if you want to consider my fork as an option. Give it a try on one of the test servers as the changes have not been released yet. There are also several custom combat checks that are exclusive to my NCP fork.
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  9. I use AAC, I haven't run in to any problems with it on 1.16.1 and I stopped a Wurst client pretty fast. From my POV no anticheat will ever be truly perfect, one needs intuition and either have diligent moderators who are actively keeping an eye out for this kind of thing or be active on their own.
  10. That's false, most combat related cheats, especially rotation based ones can be flagged in a single tick
  11. Try to use 2 anticheats, matrix and nocheatplus
  12. Really shouldnt be using more than 1 anticheat, layering anticheats can become quite intensive on a server leading to poor performance - largely this is due to anticheats needing to constantly check players for potential cheats multiple anticheats running the same types of checks and storing potentional violation data will eventually lead to you seeing a poor server performance. Unless the anticheats are doing completely different things. Ie one for combat and one for movement i cant see a case where you would ever really want to use multiple anticheats layered over each other.