Best AntiCheat for PvP servers?

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  1. Hi guys!
    So what anticheat would you reccomend for a pvp server?
    I have tried many of them and i didn't had many luck, tell me your opinions :D
  2. There are hundreds of other threads on this. Literally just google and you'll find a bunch from last month. Google won't bite. Please lock this unnecessary thread.
  3. I want "up to date" opinions. :)
  4. If you still needed help, I would recommend AAC for catching hackers if setup correctly.
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  5. Im sorry but this does not helps me much.

    What do you think about AAC Addition Pro? And do you have opinion on some good config etc. I would appreciate your opinion.
  6. Note quite familiar with it... haha. Although at the end of the day no one fully relies on their AntiCheat plugin to catch hackers, unless you're a huge network (Like Hypixel, Mineplex, etc.) I think I read a thread once that had a very detailed reply on how most AntiCheat plugins function and what they're best at. Let me find it then I'll link it :).
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  7. Celebrimbor


    For PvP specific, the public generally recommends these options:

    NoCheatPlus + Reflex for pvp
    AAC + (optional)AACadditionPro for inventory hacks and upgrades to AAC

    As @BrettplayMC mentioned, this is a thread that matches about 10 other threads in the last week with the exact same question, so there are plenty of public opinions about all these options. Your best route is to do the ground work yourself because all these threads ever become is a popularity contest of random people saying which anti-cheat they use and it has nothing to do with giving feedback. Review each resource, read reviews, comments, update history, activity of devs, history of resource, etc. If you want a tally of how many people use it, just look at the number of downloads ;)
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  8. BestAntiCheat aka NoCheatPlus :D
  9. NoCheatPlus is really good at blocking movement hacks etc, but horrible at combat hacks, in my experience its bad on handling combat hacks even when configured good (already tried with paid configs) so i would disable combat checks on nocheatplus and let another anticheat handle pvp. But still looking what anticheat could it be :S
  10. My friend used it, he says that anticheat is bad at blocking combat hacks. There are many new cheats that bypasses it. But i will look at it, thanks!
  11. Ok, nice ;). But i dont thing thare are better anticheat's
  12. hmm..
    I am using PAC (phoenix anti cheat) at the moment, it works pretty good!
    it makes the players that use kill aura (or other combat hack) not recieving damage and not able to give damage when they use kill aura,
    i tryed it and it works perfect!
    also did i hear Something of GAC (guardian anti cheat or Something?) that should be pretty good at blocking combat hacks to, but it is only 1.9.4 :(
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  13. Use No Cheat plus but for it to work good configure it well.
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  14. If you're going to go premium I'd recommend AAC if you're looking for a free anti cheat NCP. I'd recommend getting a custom configuration for both just to make it more reliable.
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  15. Thank you guys!
    Btw what do you think about Sloth and Solent? I heard that they are good.
  16. From what I've experienced they are not as good as AAC or NCP, same goes for I think it's called Doge or something, I played on a server with Doge and the server lagged, and like 30 players was auto banned myself included for kill aura, since server lag sometimes causes false positives.
  17. I actually managed to configure Solent to insta-ban for reach cheat without ANY false positives, tested milion times and it works perfect, punishes only players with cheat, it bans him after 1 second. :S

    And i even tested many simple cheats, private cheats, ghost clients, premium clients etc.