Best anticheat plugin for Spigot 1.8.4

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  1. Hello everyone :)

    I wanna update my server to 1.8.4
    and with the update i wanna add a survival world to it. But my bigest problem is hacked clients aka cheats.

    And there are tons and tons of anti cheat plugins available.. i just dont know wich one to pick, since i never had one.

    I need it to prevent the kill aura, auto aim and all those things that cheat clients have.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appriciated :)

    Edit: ATM I downloaded No Cheat Plus
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  2. NoCheatPlus is the only good one as far as I know. Never even heard of any others.
  3. There are others but I not tested any I use nocheatplus and compactnocheatplus they work together and it works fine for my server.
  4. Does that not just block AntiAura correct me if I am wrong Thank you for suggesting this though
  5. It blocks all hacks that aren't blocked by NCP @joehot200
  6. ncp with anti aura
  7. joehot200


    Yup. I'm adding some basic checks to block fly and speed and such, but I will stress that these are designed as basic checks for those who do not have NCP and are disabled by default.

    If you can find something not blocked by NCP, I'll block it.
  8. NoCheatPlus all the way baby!!! Feel free to message me and ill teach you more about its bountiful features!
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    I've recently been using AAC (Advanced Anti Cheat) by @konsolas along-side with NoCheatPlus (With PvP Checks disabled) - It's a really nice pvp experience and means the serer is almost immune to a large proportion of hacks.
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  10. Thank you everyone for the suggestions.

    So I guess I'll stick with NoCheatsPlus, and if someone bypasses it I will have to add another one with it :)