Best Anticheat?

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  1. Anticheat's are always a pain to find and use, especially finding a good one, I'm looking for one that's best suited towards factions, What's the best anti-cheat in your opinion, premium or free?
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  2. The anticheats are always the same, like NCP.
    By the way, I use this on my server
  3. I think AAC is good out of the box. Spartan can be decent with a very very well tuned config, but not out of the box.

    Both of those anti-cheats are premium and config tuning always get's better results.
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  4. hawk.

    :) probably the best ever.
  5. AAC is a great anti heat. If you have functions like custom enchants then you might want to do some tweaking with the settings to get it right and prevent false positives but overall amazing plugin for the price.
  6. I designed my configuration for ncp for factions originally as it covered each aspect of minecraft from building to combat. It's in my signature.
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  7. I've heard that users cannot join servers that run Spartan Anti-cheat when using the forge modification, that's the only reason I'm put off by it, I was looking at reflex but unsure how it will perform
  8. Mods are the best anti cheat
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  9. +1 Preach
  10. I think it depends on what you're trying to 'fight' when it comes to anti cheat.
    Some are useless if you dont use pvp on your server.
    Some are specialized for 1.8 servers and do nothing much on 1.12.
  11. As a old client developer for 2 years, I did some bypasses on NCP & AAC and got my own opinion on this.

    NoCheatPlus would be, the best anticheat so far if someone would have worked on a combat hook. Movements detections are really good and just nerf changes on speed. Overall NoCheatPlus is the greatest in movement detections. It performs way better than anyone else in this domain.

    AAC is doing really good in Interactions check, it has some easy detections which can be added using as I said a hook on NoCheatPlus.

    NoCheatPlus has a big advantage: It's free and open-source. People can modify it.

    I would recommend NCP for a survival/faction server but AAC for a mini-games server.
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  12. For my the best is AAC.
  13. My favourite anticheat is Spartan AntiCheat.
  14. AutoEye AC: It's good but It's not been updated for around 3 months already so therefore It's not stable but It's open-src and you can make your own forks and modify it and upgrade it.

    NoCheatPlus AC: Updated through the years along with heavy testings and used by thousand servers very targeted If not the most targeted AC fo Bypasses while It's good and can block most anticheats the configuration is a bit hard to modify and understand but It's one of the most stable anticheats out there would recommend it for everyday use for minigames, survival works good for everything really.

    NiroNoCheat: It's obfuscated but It works decently well haven't tested a lot not updated lately but It's ok anticheat I guess.

    WatchCat: One of the better free anti-cheats I had talk with the developer and hes very friendly and fixes bugs and the anti-cheat overall detects a lot of cheats the configuration I don't know I would assume It's easy to change but may be troubled with some performance due to obfuscations and such but It's really worth it since most anticheats use obfuscation anyway but the anticheat is good.

    AdvancedAntiCheat: It's cool I used it personally before many many times It's good anti-cheat with one of the easiest and most advanced configurations allowing you to change how the anticheat works completely the author supports but not mainly on Spigot rather than 3rd party sites the anticheat is regulary updated and has one of the best hack detectings for killaura and movement and Is one of the most used for minigames servers and casual use mostly German servers though there are other that use it aswell It's quiet stable.

    AntiAura: It's good haven't used it personally due to prefering AAC over it but I had friend that did configurations to it and the configuration is huge If not bigger than AAC's therefore you can make it fit your server extremely well and It has some unique features and detects hacks really well but It's quiet unstable and sometimes glitchy according to a friend of mine you can give it a try though.

    Reflex AntiCheat: It's one of the strongest anticheats to detect Killaura It uses machine learning and other crazy stuff It has unique themes that you can share and Ive used it before personally It had bugs and glitches but the stability got increased so hard in later updates and now Its quiet stable and rarely any false positives Its really a good anticheat If youre concerned about sensitivity and you want really close combat detection or to detect aim assists then this is good option since the anticheat is missing movement hacks at this point of time you can always use NoCheatPlus with combination and It will work really good.

    Spartan AntiCheat: It's good It's easy to set-up you can put the file in your plugins and you can use it straight out of the box no configuration changes needed It's already extremely well configured though you can always sneak peak into the easy configuration settings and change what you need the anticheat doesnt have one of the most sensitive and accurate combat detections but Its one if not the most stable ones and for movement detections Its considered to be the best anticheat to detect any kind of movement hacks out there It's really good If you want stability and great detections.

    Fiona AntiCheat: Although I never havent personally spent time testing It by looking at the author and information at youtube It's pretty good and lightweight checks r optimized not to lag while detecting most hacks without sh1tl0ad of bloated and bad code therefore If you want good support and accurate detections you can try this ;) Dev knows his stuff. The anti-cheat is accurate and detects AimAssists and Step and Movement hacks accurately and the AC is not the most known meaning It's not likely to be the most targeted and made bypasses for so If you want alternative to most known anticheats you can give this a try It's good trust me look YT Vids.

    Missed few anticheats but barely had If not at all experience with them so I can't talk about them.
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  15. 1. AAC
    2. Spartan
    3. AntiAura
    4. NCP(Free) i think
  16. I'm noticing very little mention of Fiona... as one of the few 1.13 anticheats available, I'm curious if this is because it isn't highly recommended, or if it's just because it's a relatively new entry in the category.
    Anyone care to share thoughts on it?

    I don't honestly know I don't trust the resource and author a lot his thread design makes me think of memes since the name and the theme of the plugin 'Fiona' and the plugin is not as popular in my view and perspective of the plugin I don't just trust it and It's new too (the developer is not new to this stuff though he had many anti-cheats in the past) and I feel like It's quiet unstable and not tested on bigger networks so If I recommend anyone anything I'd personally like it to be atleast heavily tested or free so they don't waste time on what they buy and I'm sure It's good don't get me wrong the author knows Java very well and has showed his other projects but that's just me I don't and can't rely that much on resources developed by funkemunky I heard a lot bad stuff about the author like skidding and stealing code and In my brain he has bad history of reputation so I lost my trust and rather rely on someone like Vagdedes which I know and talked to previously maybe he doesn't know or knows doesn't matter but he really is more reliable and he worked on his anticheat for atleast like 1 year or more and many servers use that anti-cheat and It's just 3eu more expensive than Fiona so I'd personally go for that and that's why I don't really recommend Fiona. Sorry for the poor grammar.
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  18. Actually that is quite the opposite. It is new to to this website, yes. But it has been out for almost a year. And why would you not want to let a karate-chopping ogre defend your server from cheaters?

    I designed Fiona to be accurate. Fiona is lighter, more efficient, and here's the kicker, all my checks are under 40 lines of code. Spartan's speed check is 500 lines, Fiona's is 40 and detects more. AAC's combat detections are over 200-400 lines, all mine combined are 300 and detect more cheats and more accurately. Vagdedes and konsolas had a long time to get their projects right, and they haven't even scratched the surface of cheats. They don't know how clients work. Now they have new competition which definitely brings some new things to the table. There are other anticheats than Fiona that are miles better than the two. People just buy and recommend what they hear from others.

    Here's my step check that detects every step:

    Code (Java):
        public void onBukkitEvent(Event event, PlayerData data) {
            if (event instanceof PlayerMoveEvent) {
                PlayerMoveEvent e = (PlayerMoveEvent) event;
                if (!data.generalCancel) {

                    float yDelta = (float) (e.getTo().getY() - e.getFrom().getY());
                    if (data.climbTicks == 0
                            && data.liquidTicks == 0
                            && data.halfBlockTicks == 0
                            && !data.onSnow
                            && data.slimeTicks == 0
                            && MathUtils.playerMoved(e.getFrom(), e.getTo())) {
                        if (yDelta > 0
                                && MathUtils.elapsed(data.lastBlockPlace, 1000L)
                                && data.serverPosTicks == 0
                                && MathUtils.elapsed(data.lastVelocity, 2500L)) {
                            data.collidedYDist += yDelta;
                            if (data.collidedYDist >= 0.75 && data.collidedYDist % 0.25 == 0) {
                                flag(data, "d: " + data.collidedYDist, 1, true);
                            } else if (yDelta > (double) getConfigValues().get("maxStep") && data.slimeTicks == 0 && !data.pistonsNear) {
                                flag(data, yDelta + ">-" + getConfigValues().get("maxStep"), 1, true);
                        } else {
                            debug(data, data.collidedYDist + "blocks");
                            data.collidedYDist = 0;
                        debug(data, yDelta + ", " + data.onGround + ", " + e.getPlayer().isOnGround());

    AimAssist check which detects Vea, Merge, and other AimAssists on clients.
    Code (Java):
        public void onFunkeEvent(Object event, PlayerData data) {
            if (event instanceof PacketFunkeMoveEvent) {
                PacketFunkeMoveEvent e = (PacketFunkeMoveEvent) event;
                if (MathUtils.looked(e.getFrom(), e.getTo())) {
                    float yawDelta = Math.abs(e.getFrom().getYaw() - e.getTo().getYaw());
                    float deltaDifference = Math.abs(yawDelta - data.lastRepeatYawDelta);

                    if (deltaDifference == 0
                            && yawDelta > 0.4
                            && data.aaRepeatVerbose.flag(6, 1000L)) {
                        flag(data, "t: " + data.aaRepeatVerbose.getVerbose() + " d: " + MathUtils.round(yawDelta, 5), 1, false);
                    } else {
                   //debug(data, data.aaRepeatVerbose.getVerbose() + ": " + yawDelta + ", " + deltaDifference);
                    data.lastRepeatYawDelta = yawDelta;

    Detects Vape's AimAssist:
    Code (Java):
    if(Math.abs(shit - smooth) > 0.02
                            &&((shitDelta > 0.001 && shitDelta < 0.08) || (shitDelta < 0.3 && shitDelta > 0.24))
                            && data.aimPatternPitchVerbose.flag(30, 500L)) {
                        flag(data, Math.abs(0.04 - shit) + "<-0.04", 1, true);

    My point is that anticheats are very simple. Spartan and AAC have wayyyy too many lines of code to detect so little. That my friends, is called bloat.

    PS More large servers use Fiona than Spartan.
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  19. RE"You have a few options really. If you're willing to splash the cash you could always seek a custom Anticheat. But if you're looking for more of a reasonable price range theres always AAC ( or AntiAura ( These are the two that are usually recommended and are indeed very useful once configured correctly inversion table."
    I think its the best!
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