Best Anticheat?

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  1. Anticheat's are always a pain to find and use, especially finding a good one, I'm looking for one that's best suited towards factions, What's the best anti-cheat in your opinion, premium or free?
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  2. The anticheats are always the same, like NCP.
    By the way, I use this on my server
  3. I think AAC is good out of the box. Spartan can be decent with a very very well tuned config, but not out of the box.

    Both of those anti-cheats are premium and config tuning always get's better results.
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  4. LordSherman

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    AAC is a great anti heat. If you have functions like custom enchants then you might want to do some tweaking with the settings to get it right and prevent false positives but overall amazing plugin for the price.
  5. I designed my configuration for ncp for factions originally as it covered each aspect of minecraft from building to combat. It's in my signature.
  6. I've heard that users cannot join servers that run Spartan Anti-cheat when using the forge modification, that's the only reason I'm put off by it, I was looking at reflex but unsure how it will perform
  7. Mods are the best anti cheat
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  8. +1 Preach
  9. I think it depends on what you're trying to 'fight' when it comes to anti cheat.
    Some are useless if you dont use pvp on your server.
    Some are specialized for 1.8 servers and do nothing much on 1.12.
  10. That's right the anticheats are always the same
  11. As a old client developer for 2 years, I did some bypasses on NCP & AAC and got my own opinion on this.

    NoCheatPlus would be, the best anticheat so far if someone would have worked on a combat hook. Movements detections are really good and just nerf changes on speed. Overall NoCheatPlus is the greatest in movement detections. It performs way better than anyone else in this domain.

    AAC is doing really good in Interactions check, it has some easy detections which can be added using as I said a hook on NoCheatPlus.

    NoCheatPlus has a big advantage: It's free and open-source. People can modify it.

    I would recommend NCP for a survival/faction server but AAC for a mini-games server.
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