Best Anticheat?

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    Your anticheat may (or may not) have a couple of decent checks, but from a few minutes on your test server it's extremely easy to set off a substantial amount of violations on a completely vanilla client. Good checks mean nothing when innocent players also get caught up.

    Example: I logged in and jumped:

    Example 2: I tried to jump down some stairs:

    Jumping on cactus:

    Sprinting up slabs:
    Sprinting up stairs:

    Jumping and spamclicking player entities:
    Attacking single villager:

    All triggered with <100ms ping.

    Small checks != Good checks. None of those get triggered on the AAC or Spartan test server. If you're going to boast about how good your anticheat is, work on it not producing basic false positives.
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  2. spartan anticheat is an effective cheat protection. you can try it on the test server
  3. The best free anticheat for me are these: PAC and WatchCat.
    The best paid anticheat for me is AAC
  4. The version on there is unreleased. I’ve been recoding parts of Fiona to make it more accurate. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to finish it and update it on the test server yet. Will let you know when that happens.
  5. AAC + AACAdditionPro + @Celebrimbor 's optimized config
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    Sure, I'd be interested to see it working.