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  1. What are the best AntiCheats out there? Which do you use and why do you use them? I'm looking at spartan and AAC for a factions server.
  2. Matrix is pretty good, updated regularly, has free and premium versions, I use free version cause I'm broke lol. Report false positives or other issues and it's very likely to get fixed. Catches most things. Overall it works alright and has few issues which means less hassle for me

    Horizon was pretty good as well for a free one, but I switched from it to Matrix as it needed some updating for fixes and I got tired of waiting. This was being updated pretty regularly, but they are focusing more on the 2.0 version now, so I'd expect that to continue once that is out. Will probably consider moving back to this one once 2.0 is out. You can also get the dev test build for 2.0 on their discord.

    As for Spartan and AAC I haven't used them, but they seem pretty popular, so they must be decent as well. Then you have WatchCat, NoCheatPlus, Wither, Basic, Negativity, AntiAura, GodsEye, TakaAntiCheat, etc... many to pick from. I've used NoCheatPlus in the past a few years ago and it worked fine as well, but the original one hasn't been updated in a while.

    I would suggest checking their reviews, skim over the discussion see what kind of issues they've had in the past and how those issues got treated. Or if it's a free one, setup a local test server and grab a hacked client to test with and see what they can detect and what they can't. Then make your choice from there. None of them will be perfect, but the best ones I feel will work on fixing any false positives and issues reported. You just have to report the issues so they know to fix it. This is a common issue though for all plugins. Premium anti-cheats will likely and should catch more hacks, but that doesn't mean the free ones are worthless.

    Then there are things to fix exploits that are common and anti-cheats might not even be looking for.
    Dupe Fixes / Illegal Stack Remover is something worth checking into for that, just adjust the settings to your liking. It works well and has stopped a few players on my server from making dupe machines.

    As for why I use what I've used:
    - Works well
    - Causes little to no headaches for players, like being kicked from false flags
    - Updated regularly
    - Issues when reported get fixed
    - Doesn't murder server performance
    - Free

    Just my $0.02 on the topic.
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  3. I'd hate to give you a third option but if you would like you one, you're welcome to check my signature for a NCP fork/config and patchwork plugin. It seems to be a very popular option for users and is found on some big names like Desteria, MineSuperior, and FadeCloud.

    Between the two you've listed, in my slightly bias professional opinion, I would opt for Spartan personally as their test server is actually up and I struggle to find false positives with the plugin - I'm pretty good at setting off false positives intentionally. AAC's test server has been down for weeks as far as I can tell and as a result, I haven't had the chance to try it since the 4.0.0 update.
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    NoCheatPlus is by far the best option imo, especially as it's open source so you can share and modify anything you want about it and continue updating it even if the original developers don't. I suggest this fork for 1.13/1.14 support as it's by far the best running one in my opinion and it includes some tweaked config values as well.

    There are other forks as well (that I personally haven't tested) which might work well, you can take a look at NoCheatPlus's network view to find them. (MarkElf's one can be found there too btw. if you want to compare what he does different than the fork I mentioned ;))
  5. The majority of the active developers on the network overview you linked are working together in a semi-private discord group - which is open to anyone interested in actively contributing towards NCP's development - meaning it'll all be combined eventually. The intent is to post a public resource eventually as Asofold seems to have dropped development a year ago. I'm absolutely open to sharing fixes to issues on GitHub that don't require much coding knowledge, hence the mess of commit which are clearly trial and error at its finest. I'm not saying the fork I provide in my resource is completely original but does include several minor tweaks over what's publicly available, mostly for performance, and combines the majority of the network's branches for anyone less knowledge-able on compiling and don't want to get their hands dirty with combining all the commits/files by hand but want the latest build with every feature.

    Technically this should work okay for 1.13/1.14 but it's using an outdated maven build line so it probably won't support any versions below that if anyone wants a public version to try. I thought he updated the build line when we discussed it weeks ago though :unsure:
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  6. @Hokal Thanks for that list! ;]
  7. NCP is vert nice with good config ;)
  8. Laughs in Vape, Drip, LiquidBounce, Demon
  9. Hello, if you are looking for something for free, you can try matrix
    very followed updates and good support in discord
    If you are looking for a really good anticheat payment I recommend you contact
    I did several tests with different clients in his day and I was surprised this anticheat is incredible I think it is around 40 $