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  1. Hello guys,

    I'd like to ask for a little help about ClearLagg Config.

    Here is my current ClearLagg Config:

    Current plugins:

    We're hosted @ MCProHosting (Iron plan / 2gb ram), 40 players (although our most # of online players was 20+)

    I want to limit the mob spawning just enough for the grinder to work and give players some exp. I also want that neutral mobs like cow, sheeps etc will have limit spawn specially if some players will try to breed them a lot.
  2. You're paying big bucks for shitty hosting. Take that money and go buy a dedicated server at Kimsufi.
    (Sorry for being off topic, just making a suggestion to you)
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  3. Does Kimsufi has Singapore/Southeast Asia nodes? We tried other servers and there's nothing like MCPro for us. It's less laggy compared to the others. Hence we chose MC Pro.
  4. Singapore? The hosting here is more expensive. I have a dedicated one here and it is sh*t expensive.
    if you don't want to rely on ClearLagg and lagg up your server buy a BETTER one.

    P.S. I live here so I use hosting here. :3
  5. I do rely on ClearLagg, what I'm asking was a "better configuration setup"
  6. You're getting ripped off big time for the amount of players that your server can hold. My dedi can hold 250 players and I pay 30$ a month.
  7. On topic... :p , You can adjust settings that help prevent lag (if you are having a problem with it...) in the spigot.yml file, Just keep tweaking the settings until you are satisfied. You just need to keep adjusting the clear lagg config until it keeps the mobs etc down at the right level. And you may want to add your worlds to the world-filter list if you have it enabled... Hope that helps in some way, if you need more help just ask ;)
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  8. Thank you

    Can it cater players from Southeast Asia without compromising the connection?
  9. try its really awesome no lag at all
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