Best computer for a software developer?

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  1. So, I am looking in to buying a new computer. My current computer isn't what I would call best for developers. I was wondering, what would you recommend for a developer? The highest I am willing to pay is about $1,200 . (Not including Monitors, a keyboard, etc.)
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    Probably anything that isn't a potato would work great.

    In all seriousness, developers don't *need* beast PC's. With that budget, either get an i7, a decent GPU and spend the rest on more screen space or, if you game as well (what am I saying, this is Spigot) get an i5/i7 with better GPU.

    Oh, and an SSD.
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  3. If you want a laptop, take a look at Lenovo's Thinkpad Series.
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  4. First of all, Laptop or Desktop?

    If desktop:
    i5-4690K with a 970 is MORE than enough for anything you will throw at it and much much more.
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  5. You wanna spend that much on a programming computer?? I don't know about you but if you want to save yourself a ton of money get this laptop:
    It comes with Ubuntu which I personally think is AWESOME for programming . With the java-clone on there I can write java, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, Android, and Arduino scripts all on Ubuntu while having LibreOffice for school work and still can run a full spigot server and can even install a LAMP server if I want to. With 4gb of ramm and 2.7 GHz along with 500 GB of storage I think that this should be perfect for your needs. That said I do this stuff on my Dell Inspiron. Still an amazing computer though for programming. It seems cheap but that's because Ubuntu is free unlike all of those kissup paid operating systems that lock themselves up
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  6. With all of their security and anti-virus stuff. I get viruses on my windows 8 os on the same computer (I dual boot) but nothing on Ubuntu
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  7. It depends on what he'll be programming.
    It's most likely because you download things without thinking about it first.
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  8. Well then I would be getting viruses on Ubuntu if I did that lol nah its not that I'm just saying that Windows for me tends to be annoying. Being a web dev myself I know what websites look real or fake and anyways I usually use TOR for stuff just cause I'm paranoid. So no I do not download things randomly without thinking
  9. Just saying, because I myself haven't gotten any malware.
  10. Oh well it was more my friends old laptop than my windows im just saying I feel better with Ubuntu as a dev. Then again they probably weren't great at downloading risky stuff
  11. I really like Ubuntu, though I was really looking for a desktop. I just like the desktop environment and "feeling" a lot better.
  12. Just a tip: Get two mointers for developing, it's alot easier
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  13. Are you going to build it yourself? As I've seen some desktops that would cost 800 euros normally but the manufacturer adds some 500 euros extra to the price ._.

    And are you gaming alot / play heavy games like GTA 5
  14. I honestly don't plan on building one myself. I have looked into it and I do not have the time. Also, I do plan on gaming on it also. Most likely not GTA, but h1z1 and csgo.
  15. You could hire someone to build it or get a store to build it, I'll make a build, sec.
  16. Arch Masterrace.
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  17. You don't use a locked processor with a overclock capable chipset. Either use an H/B series chipset or use an i7-4790k.
  18. I was changing the build, heres another one with a different processor as I realised a i7 is probaly not needed for developing or gaming.
    And I added a GTX 980.
  19. ty for showing this to me. I have a powerful laptop that I use for gaming and intensive work, but this looks like something I can just carry around and use to make sites.

    EDIT: Heard the display was horrible, don't think I'm going to get it