Best CPU Temp Utility These Days

Discussion in 'Technology' started by WAS, May 2, 2017.

  1. WAS


    I've always used Speedfan, it always was reliable in my opinion. However with this CPU the A10-5800K (Not using it's IGP), my temps will go as low as 0C, and as high as about 45C during gameplay, or 55c during next-gen games. This is common with Core Temp and Speedfan. Every other application however (Speccy [not made for temps]) and Overclocking utilities like to think the CPU is idling at 50c and 120c during gameplay.

    0C doesn't seem realistic to me, and neither does the thing registering practically on fire. Is there any better alternatives than Speedfan/Core Temp or is the A10 just finicky?