Best Dedicated Host? (Budget ~ $115)

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  1. Hey Guys,

    I'm looking for a new dedicated server host, I used OVH but now they're out of stock and it seems they wont be restocking for a while...

    So can anyone recommend me a good dedicated host with a server that could withstand ~300 people online at one time, with a budget of around $115 per month.


    PS. Can someone also tell me best OS for dedicated servers? (I used Ubuntu before)
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  3. OS will greatly depend on what you like and/or what you are comfortable with. If you like Debian, go with Debian. If you are worry about performance, there's really no big difference between the different distros for linux. But if you are comparing Linux to Windows, Linux will give you much better performance (mostly because it uses less resources, offering you more for your applications).

    As for the dedicated server, try ReliableSite or Servermania for some good servers that are not too expensive.

    (Also, if you have ~300 players, how are you only able to afford $115/mo? If you don't mind me asking.)
  4. Err, which dedicated server comes with protection? I thought protection was an add-on. They recently removed dedicated servers with protection included I believe.
  5. I don't have 300 players but that's about what I want the server to withstand when I launch. And can you any of you list some specs that would achieve that, do I need xeon processor or something?
  6. Intreppid has good servers, but is fragnet dedicated servers good?
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    A e3-1230 or higher
    Around 16+ gb ram
    Id recommend raided ssd
  8. Raided SSD is not necessary for 300 players, just one is fine.
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    I didn't say it was necessary, I just recommend it.
    With a extra ssd costing around 10$/m its worth it for the data protection
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  10. Also, would I be able to host a community website (Xenforo) on the dedicated server? Or would that cause problems with the server and use a lot of data etc?
  11. I use Goliath as my hosting company, they create cheap servers for people who don't have the money, but still perform the requirements for minecraft.

    Their dedicated servers are fully up to use, you can run what every you want off of it.

    Click the link here.
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    If your going to link a host to someone at least not use an affiliate link...
  13. Atleast say it is a referral.