Best Dedicated Host for BungeeCord Network?

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  1. Hello, everyone. I have recently been looking into creating a Minecraft Network. I have a huge layout of the game setup, etc. But, I am trying to find out a good host for my Network. I've heard that Dedicated Servers are best for this, so that's why I put that in my title. Please do not suggest MCProHosting as I've heard that they are not quite as good for starting full-blown Networks.

    Since I am starting off, I do not need many servers, and I am starting with common game-modes that I will tweak a lot to look more appealing. Therefore, I will only need three servers: Directing Server, Lobby, and my first game-mode. If it helps, I will list the setup of my starting servers.

    • Directing BungeeCord Server
    0.5gb to 2gb. I'd rather 2, but people say 0.5gb/512mb is good for ~ 500 players.
    • Lobby/Hub
    • Prisons

    I will add more game-modes later depending on success.

    For most of my servers, I would buy 2gb, then do pricing off of that depending on how many people come on, how successful the server is, etc.

    I am mainly posting this to get a good idea for a host.
  2. OVH, Kimsufi, and reliablesite are popular ones.
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    If you're just starting and want a dedicated server the cheaper Kimsufi line will be a good choice or you can maybe find a discounted ReliableSite server for under $50. Other than Kimsufi you won't get cheaper than $30~/m without getting something slower than my android phone.
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  4. OVH and BlazeHosting
  5. Location?:)

    Edit: I might just want to include that I'll be able to offer you a good box in europe for cheap money. pm me if that could be of interest.
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  6. I'd go with Mike's recommendation and go for the better server. Your network performance will be greatly improved.
  7. Location: I'd prefer to have the Network hosted in the US (United States).
  8. I would then suggest you go with Mike's solution as well.
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    You cannot simply look at RAM values and equate that to performance and price value. There are many other factors in deciding performance and price. A low-end machine like OVH compromises on performance and customer support in order to have a flashy RAM value for a low price. To me, it looks like you need an 8-10 GB high-performance VPS that will provide excellent performance. You should do some research into which processors and specs are good for Minecraft networks and compare plans with that knowledge.
  10. You are probably best to front end with a OVH VPS and have all your servers on a cheap reliable site dedicated server. You only need to front end with OVH for their DDoS Protection, which is one of the best.