Best dedicated server for bungee

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  1. That processor won't hold but 50 players before you start to lag. You need clock speed over RAM. You would get much better performance from 3 mSP SSD's than one of those.
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    Intreppid, a mug. Er, i mean, customer.
    They have a new one with 8 cores and that has 4.5Ghz overclocked, so you could probably get 8 servers on that, which could certainly hold 1000 players

    If you are looking for more than 1400 or something, you would need to use multiple machines.
  3. eh lol? Im running 400+ with that exact server.
    ( not all on 1 server ) But my skywars gets upto 170 online and always 20 tps, etc.
  4. Well, he was going to the 130EU server, so I was giving him about the same cost of a better performing server. :p
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    Don't use OVH. Use PhoenixNap for dedicated boxes and Intreppid for protection.
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    Personally I've had no problems with OVH on my current setup. (Been a customer since October last year)
    DDOS protection is also included as well as my download and upload have been increased to a gigabit for only £1 extra.

    Also the OP is based in the UK so therefore a location closer to home is probably in mind.
    If he goes for the OVH Roubaix data centre, he is potentially in the centre of the world and so therefore latency will at the best for all locations.