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  1. I took a long break from Minecraft about a year ago, when my server Arithia suddenly went down as the Server Host I was using for my Dedicated server disappeared out of nowhere, with no support.

    The quality and price was amazing. But now I am looking for something a little bit different.

    I am working on a new server and I am finding myself in need of a dedicated server host once again.

    But it's been so long since I've done this.I'd like to know who you guys think are the best ones around now-a-days.

    Min Requirements:
    16GB RAM (ECC strongly preffered!)
    SSD harddrive.
    Intel Xeon CPU
    Some DDoS Protection
    24/7 good support
    Uplink 1GBps
    Price < $200

    Free MySQL server preffered.
    My choice of control panel preffered.
  2. I would suggest looking at OVH. :)
  3. I took a look at it. Their prices are really good, the hardware seems good. But the reviews they got on Trustpilot are awful. 2.2/10 (for 60 reviews)

    Do you personally use them? If so for how long, and how has your experience been?
  4. I have not used them, but I see it recommended on here quite a bit. I am planning on getting a dedi from them.

    I found this to be a great read! -
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    I have many servers with OVH, and it works great. If you know how to manage your own server go for it and save money. You could also look at Psychz Networks (whom I also use), they have some good $99~ E3 deals.
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  6. If you're in the US, I would personally recommended The support team is great because they respond very efficiently with detailed answers, the dedicated servers are amazing and the specs are beyond the minimum standard you're looking for, for a low price. If you want a little discount just use 'prevail' when you're ordering.
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  7. I would recommend Biscuit hosting for that.
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  8. ReliableSite would honestly give you a better network than OVH, that said I've used OVH (SoYouStart actually) before and they are fantastic!
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  9. I dunno much about their specs, but Minespan can get you a 16 GB server for $24 per month, and given the price, their support is really good. I've been with them for over a year, and haven't had too many problems apart from a few occasional hiccups. Its a good place to start out with, especially if you are trying to start something up. If you were able to maintain a successful server, it would be really easy to support with only a few monthly donations.

    From there, you could use it until you can afford a more expensive virtual server there or elsewhere.
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  11. Reliablesite x 1,000,000, Awesome hosting service, Awesome servers, and Awesome customer support xD
  12. I have many servers in ovh/soyoustart. working well without any problems. Some people complains about emergency situations when support make smth after one, two days, but not sure if its true. Ive got problems once only when server stop respond, support do hard reboot after 5 min.