Best dedicated server?

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Which one is the best?

  1. SoYouStart

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  2. Kimsufi

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  1. Hi,

    Recently I started to find out that many people joined my server I am considering to upgrade to a dedicated server and run more servers. I would like to run at least 5 or 6 servers including the hub or lobby. BungeeCord doesn't use too much ram, so that's great.
    I heard a lot of KS-4 being good for Minecraft hosting, and it's price catched me. But, I also heard it's support is awful. So, I searched for SYS servers, they are very good, but the setup fee is too much for me. I would like to spend no more than €35-36. So I think KS-4 is good, but I don't really know what to choose.

    Note: I know SYS is more powerful than Kimsufi, but I want to get a cheap dedicated server. I am planning to get around 40-60 players. I would love to hear feedback of Kimsufi and SYS, and I'll love you to tell me what is the best one in my case(considering I can't spend much money on it). As far as I know, SYS Game servers are on public beta, and the price shown is only for 14 days(2 weeks) and after it's end, you cannot pay for it again, due to the beta. I am currently running 1 server on a VPS Cloud 2 (4GB RAM) from OVH.

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    Thanks in advance,
  2. If you want to go for Kimsufi, the KS-4 (Europe) is the only decent one for running minecraft servers. SYS is much more powerful though.
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  3. JamesJ


    SoYouStart will be better if you're looking for more 'minecraft-suitable' machines, with E3's (such as the 1240v2- which SYS uses)
    Yet if you're looking for the cheapest, use Kimsufi.
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  4. Ok. Thanks for your fast reply. :)
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  5. The problem is that I don't know if Woule be ale to afford the instalación fer and the monthly ser ver costs. If I get a sable monthly amontonan of money I'll swith to SYS. Thanks for your fast reply. ;)
  6. JamesJ


    I'm sorry, but what?

    If you're talking about setup fees, both Kimsufi and SYS have setup fees.
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  7. But setup fees on Kimsufi are smaller than SYS's ones.
  8. JamesJ


    But are you willing to sacrifice power for $30?
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  9. Yes. You have to consider that paying on Euros and fronteras Spain with 21% VAT, the Firth month you'km have to pay around €90-95. And then more than €35, and for me, that a lo.
  10. Here's the simple rule I follow:
    Lower end dedicated servers - Kimsufi
    High end dedicated servers - SYS/OVH
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  11. WizardPulse


    I myself use SYS. The setup fee bothered me at first but as I said to my other owner. It's a one time setup fee and it's worth it. The previous owner to my server had bought 3 boxes and eventually 5 boxes with SYS until myself and my friend took over ownership and dropped 3 of the boxes whilst the old owner took two and we merged all of our servers onto the one box.

    We've calculated it and we can host either 10-16 or 12-14 servers smoothly on the one box.

    So I'd suggest SYS
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  12. Kimsufi would be the way to go at your budget imo. The US KS-4 offers a 3570s and 16GB of ram. This should be more than enough to handle what you have now and even expand to a bigger playerbase. With SYS you can spread the setup fees over 6 months and end up paying more but less at one time which could be an option.
  13. EU KS-4 is the only one that would be good for minecraft.

    No, this is not optimistic. I've researched these processors and the EU KS-4 is the best for single threading. Also, I personally own a kimsufi box myself.
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  14. There are no best Dedicated server

    There will be always Pros and cons ;)
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  15. I run my network on a KS-4 and it works like a charm. Everything is great and I hardly ever need support. Coming from someone who always used shared hosting, I am very pleased with what I currently have.
  16. What location? :p
  17. Yes, it is optimistic. If you had done your research, you would have known multiple servers instead of one requires different types of CPUS for optimal optimization. Also, just because one is "best" in your opinion does NOT mean it is the only one people should use.
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  18. Canada, I am from south-west USA and I still get great performance
  19. Alright :p
  20. Never said it was in my opinion. The i7-920 is definitely best for single threading though. OP, @frash23 knows alot about processors, best ask him.
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