Best donations system?

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Best donation system

  1. Buycraft (Tebex)

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  2. CraftingStore

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  3. McMarket

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  4. Other

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  1. Hello guys i have been working on implementing some features to players who donate but i am in a pickle now, i have always been using the buycraft method as it was the most reliable and one of the oldest methods but now i see more and "better" ones (with free features more features etc.) so i am wondering which is the best

    CraftingStore vs Buycraft(tebex) vs mcmarket or something else
  2. Thanks! I didn't know about CraftingStore. I am setting up a new server and will definitely be using that for it's free features.
    Their website and graphs look better than buycraft IMO.

    If you're willing to pay for a donation service, I am not sure. For free CraftingStore seems to be the way to go!
  3. Well, I saw they have free coups feature and custom domain and etc. which is really something i would like to use but if it is not secured or has bugs or anything that can cause problems i would stick to using buycraft
  4. I can hardly imagine they have security issues. Are they reputable? I haven't heard of them before. (they have 6k downloads so I think they are)

    Yeha I totally agree with the fact that they support custom domain for free!
    I would personally, however, have an <iframe> on my website integrating it. Which is something free buycraft supports too (like this
  5. MCMarket was shut down last year... Read here: