Spigot Best-Exlpode 2.0


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    Best-Exlpode - Best-Exlpode

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  2. You completely missed the hoop on spelling right there...
  3. Ohhh Thxxxxxx i do in next Up :D
  4. Uhm... what about editing the name of your resource and a bunch of other things you missed..?
  5. Yea....you have to spell Exlplode not Explode. Google :p
  6. XDD
  7. I Like this plugins!! From Argentina, Gracias!!!
  8. Thx :D
  9. Add a config to allow for blocks to fall down, but then disappear? Like Mineplex?
  10. This is an Awesome plugin!
  11. Awsome plugin! Will add to my server latter today!
  12. Is there a possible way to stop the blocks spawning after the tnt is blown?
  13. Aswell when the tnt hits another tnt it wont light the tnt.