Best free cannon jar?

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  1. Hey guys,
    Title says all. I'm hoping someone can save me some homework. I just tested FluxSpigot's 2nd to latest cannon jar. I haven't played minecraft in 4-5 years so I have no idea about these TNT cannons people can make these days, but I just had a player of mine build one on our server, and shoot it off with these settings:

    4. Go to paper.yml file and make the following changes: -
    Change fix-cannons to "true"
    Change disable-explosion-knockback to "true" -
    Under "load-chunks" change: tnt-entities to "true"
    falling-blocks to "true" -
    Under "remove-unloaded"
    change: tnt-entities to "false"
    falling-blocks to "false"
    5. Go to spigot.yml and make the following changes: - change max-tnt-per-tick to "5000"

    The guy shot it off, and my server literally froze for a good 30 seconds, recovered for a half second, then froze another 30 then finally recovered. The server host has a weak CPU I must admit, but my server is releasing Friday, and I don't intend to upgrade CPU's until I have at least a 50 player average. I also only have a couple of hundred of dollars in my budget for the whole server, and that really NEEDS to be spent on advertising, not a premium cannon jar.

    Can anyone tell me the best free cannon jar? Or the best one for $50 or less?
  2. Set optimize-explosives to true in paper.yml.
    Also, 50 players is extremely taxing, you are probably overestimating your CPU. Spend more now.

    I'm guessing max-tnt-per-tick means, in your case, 5000 tnt can explode in one tick. That is absurd. Reduce that number to like 100, or a far lower number.
  3. I had the opportunity to have a pro-raider come online to build a modern cannon. For some reason, when max-tnt-per-tick was a value less than 1000, this cannon would self-destruct. Above 1000, it would work. So I for some reason I feel like a value above 1000 is normal for faction servers?

    Also, I ran this server from 2012-2015. I know these specs can handle 1.8.8 at 50-100 players, but now that these massive cannons are an issue, I migth consider upgrading. I did change that setting, optimize to true. Changed nothing
  4. I'm not too experienced with the factions scene, and I know the people on these forums are extremely against people who are still on 1.8, so I really hope you manage to work it out :)
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  5. I would say fluxspigot or paperspigot 1.8.8. Paperspigot would be a bit of a better option because chunkgc isn't broken like it is in tacospigot.
  6. QuantumSpigot is freaking awesome for the price of $20 if anyone reads this far. WITH all those settings in my OP, but max-tnt-per-tick at 1500
  7. @llamamonium11 What do you mean chunkgc is broken in TacoSpigot? What would you recommend?
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  8. Use the flux spigot, it's free and I've always liked it as a cannon spigot.
  9. I'm really trying to find something quality and the OP is kind of a horror story with flux yeah? ty for reply, didnt expect one so soon
  10. There's no point spending $100s on advertising, when it's going to all go to a waste when the server dies from a single cannon. Get a jar first. I would recommend Elapsed ($150) or Stellar ($300). I mean, Beer is $75, but I don't recommend it. Trust me, spending it on a cannon jar, and growing from a smaller community is much better.
  11. so what's the point of jars like flux and quantum costing what they do if you're saying they don't do much anyway? I'm not in a position to drop $300 on a cannon jar when I don't know if the server will continue to grow.
  12. In my opinion spigot over 60$ are overpriced
  13. In your opinion as someone who's never purchased one over $60?
  14. There are people who also spend more than 100 euros on a spigot
  15. They do what they say they do, but they're not updated, even if they were, they're not highly optimized.
  16. If you don't want any issues with chunkgc, Ive talked to the tacospigot dev and beer and best to use is paperspigot 1.8.8 or fluxspigot if you want a bit more settings for cannons. But chunkgc is good to have for reducing the memory usage. But fluxspigot because its a fork of tacospigot you might have some issues with plugins that require chunkgc and maybe have some issues with memory.
  17. You never want plain paper spigot for a factions server.
  18. ip? ive been looking for a cannon server but mine is kinda bad, but your server seems nice enough with experienced people online
  19. Paying any money to a fork of a free software is overpriced.
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