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  1. Hi, Spigot.
    I want to ask, who is the best free mysql site? Safety against hackers that could use it to give themselves op, if find way to hack my permission manager's db. If it possible limitless and permission for more than 1 MySQL table.
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    There is no perfect free host; you're far better off just buying service. You can get decent MySQL hosting for under five bucks.
  3. Most MC server hosts offer free databases with any plan and in case of a vps or dedicated server you can easily install MySQL yourself.
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  4. I didn't say perfect host I said the best host by your recommendations here and I can't allow to myself to buy a MySQL hosting, because I want to use the money in other cause and the title is 'Free MySQL hosting', if I wanted a paid, I should write in title 'Best Premium MySQL hosting'
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    (sigh) You missed my point. Don't be a pedantic smartass, I know you don't mean "perfect" what I meant was I've used several free hosts, they all generally sucked. If you get suggestions that advise that your idea is not destined to end well and suggest alternatives that don't fit your post title, well, that's part of posting on a public forum. All the ones I tried had high latency so what I'm saying is if you have any desire for your server to be decent quality, you're better off dropping a few dollars on better service.

    How are you hosting the server itself? If you pay a host, as kaasblokje said most hosts offer at least one DB. If you are self hosting, then just self host MySQL as well. That's way better anyway.

    PS, this is a public forum so just because your post title asks for one thing doesn't mean people won't suggest alternatives that would work better. If I post "What's the best weight hammer with which to bash my skull in?" and someone suggests perhaps I'm better off not not doing that, lol, there is still validity in their point :)
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