best FREE server hosting?

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  1. What would be the best FREE server hosting? If you could reply in a list format 1 the best 5 or 10 the worst
  2. They all suck.
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  3. they are all horrible. each have 1 byte of ram and and run for 10 minutes
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  4. I know but out of them which one would be the best?
  6. Found one that is 256mb of ram and runs forever​
  7. Where do you sign up for free one? I only see paid ones.
  8. That guy is prob advertising his own host.
  9. Im Not I Just Put the Wrong Page :p
    Here Is the proper link
    Its The One Furthest To The Left.
  10. Your PC.
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  11. Affilliate links are not allowed
  12. mathhulk

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    That is not an affiliate link.
  13. your server is not goibg to work well if its free.
  14. My bad ;-;
  15. the is the best, only problem is waiting time
  16. Just splurge a little and buy a host that costs $1 a gig!
  17. There is one I know that's not nor Aternos.
    It's Called FreeMC and it's quite good. You get 2GB of RAM at the start and creating server is almost instant, no queue, never expires.
    There is no limit on the plugins, max players, no limits.
    You will also have 10GB of disk space if I am not wrong and if you need more RAM you can get it by inviting people into their Discord server ( or Joining and staying in some Partnered discord servers. You get 1GB each for those.
    If you donate more than 5$, you can also get access to the Doantor node with higher performance, get more RAM, unlock databases and ports, more disk space, etc.
    To create a server just register on the and in few minutes you should be able to log in on the
    Hope I helped :D
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  18. Hey i found a better website i think is the best of them all and you can choose 2 modes High Memory and Normal you can keep it up to 2 days in normal and 1h in high memory
    hope i helped :3

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