Best Host for a Small Server to Replace MCProHosting?

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  1. So for the last two-and-a-half-some years, I've been using MCPH to host my server.

    Contrary to the standard Spigot consensus, it is still a good host for new players who don't know how a server works. Their help pages (no, not their staff, because that is bad) are rather useful for someone who wants to learn about making a server. (At least, they used to be, because they are becoming increasingly outdated and unmanaged.)

    I ran on the lowest plan possible at the beginning (which doesn't allow plugins for $25/yr, because cash grab is a cash grab) just to see what was possible in vanilla. After about a year and a half of building with some friends on there, I moved up to $50/yr, which actually allows plugins. So after doing that for the last year or so, I've more or less figured out how to keep a plugin-based server running, and the current cocktail of 25 plugins works pretty well for me.

    I'm not really interested in creating the latest, hugest server or anything. If my server gets expanded, I do it because the expansion is necessitated by players (e.g, enough people online that the server gets laggy), not because I want to start an endless cycle of getting bigger and gambling all my savings for no real reason.

    Nevertheless, it's clear that whether or not I expand, it's almost certainly not worth $50 for what I'm doing now. 512 MB RAM is obviously highly difficult to work with; my server sits on TPS of around 11, on a good day. MCPH will try to argue me out of it with something like "the enjoyment of running a server is worth the money, right?" And for the last few years, it has been worth the money for the experience. And probably still will, because I enjoy running a server. But I don't enjoy paying easily double for something unnecessarily.

    On the list of things that I do still want in a host:
    * Unlimited (or extremely high) FTP storage. Since we're a build server, we tend to cycle through a bunch of enormous maps. Our largest map project is around 100 square kilometers in size.
    * Multicraft, preferably as the default (or at least easy enough and free to set up).
    * A staff that takes care of issues on their end (e.g. running broken Java files) quickly.
    * DDoS protection that's at least as good as MCPH's (and that isn't a host known for being DDoS'd regularly).
    * At least 1 GB RAM for $50/year, as opposed to MCPH's half-gigabyte for that price.
    * Free or cheap subdomain (preferably without an unnecessarily long host advertising extension like

    Yes, I know many others have asked this before, and I've read those threads, but I wanted to rant a little too.... And besides, host information changes with time, so I wanted some more up-to-date feedback.
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  2. You'll find it hard to get a decent host who will give you all that. $50 per year is under $4.2 per month. Unlimited storage is impossible, every node has a limit although I doubt you will hit the limit most hosts impose so I wouldn't worry about that. Quick support responses and cheap services don't go together.
  3. To be honest, getting extremely quick support isn't really a huge need. (MCPH has rather poor response time, and I hardly ever need it with a small server.) I make manual backups frequently and don't really care for automatic backup service much, at least not when the server is as small as it is now.

    As for the FTP storage my worlds and all are around 1 gigabyte, if that helps. Though I'm guessing most hosts won't have too big an issue with it.

    I've been looking at BisectHosting's non-premium plans (specifically, 1500-ish MB RAM for $4.50/month); they seem to offer everything I'm actually interested in, even on non-premium plans. They (or maybe AnvilNode) may be the way to go for me, but can anyone else give an opinion on this?
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  4. I've used bisect hosting for a long time to run my plugin test servers as well as private servers for UHCs and such, I can vouch for them, their servers are quite good, especially for the price. I have used their premium service however, not the budget and I can say its quite outstanding
  5. ExtraVM is what I currently use for my small survival server, it's $3/month for 1gb so thats $36 for a year which is well within your budget, you can also get a domain from namecheap if you'd like.
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  6. Gaxan

    Supporter great host from personal experience, best that I have used. $3 per GB. great reviews but no personal experience more expensive but great host from personal experience.
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  7. Yeah, I'm not really that concerned with the domain right now - just a subdomain will do. I'll take a look at ExtraVM too, though, as it seems to be about the same price as premium AnvilNode so I'll have to compare services and whatnot.

    Right now Anvil is having a May-only coupon of 15% off your server for life, so I'm looking very closely at premium (Gold) 1 GB for $10 quarterly ($40/year, so $34 yearly after the coupon).
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    TigerNode has 10% off for life. Which would be $32.40 annually for 1GB.
  9. Celebrimbor


    Bisect Hosting gets my vote for a good balance between Cost, Performance and Customer Service. With the promo code PREMIUM50, you can get 50% off their advertised cost for a month-to-month MC server.

    That works out to about $4/GB. I know it's not the lowest, but if you always go for cheapest, you might get what you paid for ;)

    Been happy with Bisect for about 2 years now.
  10. Yeah. Still considering options, but obviously I'm not going to just pick some random cheap guy who's probably hosting in his basement or anything.

    (no offense to those of you who host in basements)

    Though I'm trying to get < $3.50/mo/GB if possible, but who knows, there may be a company with amazing extras for a little more money.

    So it's time for me to juggle the stats and reviews for TigerNode, AnvilNode, and ExtraVM.

    In any case: Sorry MCPH, but I'm not paying $90+ per year to get 1 GB.

    Also- how long does that code last? For life? A month? First order only? Just curious.
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    They randomly advertise it, but I think it runs 24/7/365 as a live promo. It's for life as long as you don't cancel. Occasionally (like 1 week a year), they have a 70% off for life "PREMIUM70". I havent seen that in quite some time.
  12. Hey, how manny ram do you need? And how much datastorrage?
    Also how manny servers do you want to add to the multicraft panel?
  13. It's just one small server, not a Bungee.
  14. Youre definitely not going to find anything good for $50/yr, But I recommend linode/digital ocean
  15. I think you're ignoring the fact that all I need is 1 GB for $50/year or less... ExtraVM, AnvilNode, and BisectHosting can all do that for me. And since EVM is run by a member of Spigot, it's particularly trustworthy.

    I'll check out your suggestions as well.

    Another question: EVM is already pretty darn cheap, but does anyone have coupon codes too by any chance?
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    I'm pretty sure if you ask Mike nicely, he'd give you a coupon for 10-20% off (unsure if recurring or not).
  17. Interesting.

    The other reason I'm looking very closely at EVM is that they're hosted mainly in Dallas, which is where my server's target audience (and I) are from, since the server is Fallout: Dallas, after all.... Would be great for connectivity.
  18. If you use the code LASTSTOP you get a decent discount. I use them and pay $5 a month for 2 GB. :)
  19. I've heard good reviews about AnvilNode.
  20. Thanks, I'll be sure to use it :) I'll be renewing my MCPH plan this weekend for 3 mo, so that my friends have time to recognize there's a new IP (splattering signs with it everywhere and replacing all automessages should work), and probably getting the ExtraVM plan set up this weekend too.

    Is that code for the life of the plan, or just for first payment? I mean, I won't mind if it's single use - can't argue with $3/GB/mo - but just curious. As long as server costs stay within my budget of $50/year or so, all is well. I'm looking to get a NameCheap domain too; that costs $8ish/year for the cheapest TLD (.us), so as long as the host is < $42/year, that works perfectly.
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