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  1. So I apologize if this is not the appropriate place to post for my small needs but I am new to all of this and my Google fu is not working when there is so much information.

    Me and my brother have been playing on a Realm, we realized that the cost probably isn't worth it and we were interested in running mods however and Realms doesn't allow for that.

    I am a System/Network Administrator for my day job, I spun up a Digital Ocean VPS and installed and connected to it but that was the extent. I did put in for a free sever from ServerMiner to test out there environment the control panel interested me which seems like they just modified an open source one but still.

    Anyways to get to the point it will be me and my brother consistently using it with a few of my children and relatives every so often. We are not opposed to people joining up but we don't really want or need a super high player count 10+ should be fine. I do have hardware I could run from my house but I don't really want to do that I would prefer just to pay up to $10 a month hopefully that is enough for our needs?

    Any insights or if I am missing something major I would appreciate any help!
  2. Hi there! Thanks for trying out a free server trial. We actually created our control panel completely in-house. Generally speaking, you should be looking for a server with a minimum of 3GB RAM although this would really depend on what modpack you're looking to run. Feel free to get in touch [email protected] and we'd be happy to get 3GB of RAM allocated to your free trial so you can do some modpack testing. Only problem is the 3GB RAM package with us is a bit out of the $10 budget but it could be a good test to see how much RAM you'd need for the modpack to run correctly.
    ~ James D
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  3. Even aternos is better than serverminer lmao
  4. So I believe I am confused between modpacks and plugins to paperspigot? I am looking at running dynmap and a few quality of life plugins. Someone informed me modpacks are completely different. Does that change my needs at all?

    Nacho4785 do you have any suggestions then? Aternos is the free one and I cannot seem to get it turned on ever. I would prefer pay and have it on always. ServerMiners control panel is great for people who don't know that much. I was able to load a world and plugins and everything and I had no clue how before. That what has me leaning towards them.
  5. Look, the best hosting i know are (3$/GB) and Clovux (2$/GB).

    but if you want 1ms latency and no lag, is the best host you can have.

    Clovux integrates Multicraft, the best panel you can use and minecraft-hosting integrates its own, but you can setup RCON to use your own panel tho.

    personally, the best hosting for me is localhost.
  6. Plugins: Modifications using the minecraft default resources.
    Mods: Modifications adding more resources to the game.

    Spigot / Paper / CraftBukkit: Only plugins
    Forge: Only mods
    Cauldron: Mods & Plugins
  7. You would need either 2 GB or 3 GB, depending on how many plugins you have. Location is important, I'm guessing you'd want Los Angeles, although Dallas would probably work OK. Don't think there'd be much available closer to you, maybe Phoenix.

    Take a look at ExtraVM, although I don't know where their Minecraft servers are located.
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  8. Yeah I am on one now with a trial that runs pterodactyl control panel and I am not a huge fan. Is MultiCraft anybetter? ServerMiners contorl Panel is just so nice and complete.
  9. The control panel is not really that important -- generally speaking, the price and the quality of servers is what matters more. Every panel will give FTP/ ways to upload plugins so look into that moreso than the panel. However, Multicraft is alright, usuable but not the best.
  10. Fair enough. I'll keep searching.
  11. Pterodactyl imo is my favourite. Console better stats more accurate etc.
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  12. Yeah I've been messing with it more and it's not as bad. Almost seems like everyone is just reselling OVH and I'm in Utah that Montreal server doesn't sound appealing or I'd just go get it from them and set it up myself.
  13. Many hosting providers are renting from OVH, I don't personally see an issue with that at all. They provide high-quality network, support etc. In the meantime allowing the majority of hosting providers to offer affordable pricing to all without compromising anything.

    We used them for over 2 years now and they are really awesome.
  14. Went with you. Running great so far thanks for all the help.
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