Best Host?

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  1. Minecraft Server Information
    1 Factions server
    Expecting up to 10-25 players

    Hardware Information
    Budget: $10-20
    Ram: Around 3gb, maybe more
    Storage: SSD
    DDoS protection: Yes

    Community Information
    No website
    No voice server

    Other Information
    Performance and DDoS protection is my priority for smooth gameplay
  2. Try an VPS from OVH. If you want to use shared use a host like ShockByte.
  3. Thanks for the advice and what vps?(ssd, cloud, ram?).
    Anybodyelse know a good host?
  4. latiku


    I'd preferably purchase a shared host for 20 players, would go with ExtraVM since you have the budget for it.
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  5. I suggest fluctis or ExtraVM. You could buy a vps but I don't see a need for it due to your small requirements.
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  6. Thanks for the suggestion, but what makes ExtraVm(not saying theyre bad) good? Any cons?
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  7. GaIaxy


    I haven't personally used ExtraVM, but I have heard great things about them.

    Here's the packages:

    Here's the package that I recommend;

    Hell, if I didn't run 3 networks, I would grab one of these.
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  8. I haven't personally used them, but they would be my option if I fluctis didn't exist. The owner, @MikeA is a trusted and reputable spigot member, which is why lots of people suggest them. ExtraVM is also a good hosting company in general.
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  9. Alright I'm probably going with ExtraVm, but does anyone actually have experience with them?
  10. latiku


    ExtraVM is owned by a retired SpigotMC moderator. A plethora of people, including myself, have had only quality experiences with them. You won't regret it.
  11. Best host is ovh, cant afford it then your choosing below the best.
  12. I would personally recommend A server I was Admin on used them before and we had no problems, great server runtime, no server lag. They have great prices as well
  13. OVH with a pufferpanel installation. It works like a charm.
  14. I don't know. Setting up a VPS seems hard.
  15. Dedicated box is easier..
  16. GaIaxy


    VPS isn't that hard. If you're just now starting to get into Minecraft, I'd suggest going with a shared host, much like the ones listed.

    Dedicated server and VPS are merely the same, nothing is easier than the other.

    That statement made me laugh. ;)
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