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  1. Wich host is most powerful, has best server management, most ram per dollar etc? :), i dont mind if it costs a little extra for a bit more premium :D
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  3. What are you even looking for? A dedicated server or a Minecraft shared host? For dedicated / VPS, I recommend OVH.
  4. I would consider for shared mc hosting these hosts as the best (In my opinion): WDMSH, Shockbyte, bisecthosting, extravm, picklehosting and
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  6. I suggest fluctis or extravm.
    Fluctis is nice and cheap, average support, good servers. Been with em for 6+ months without a problem. they also give free unlimited cpanel web hosting with all mc servers (also the usual stuff, buycraft, enjin etc).

    I haven't used ExtraVM but the owner, @MikeA is a reputable and trusted spigot member. They would be my host if fluctis didn't exist.
  7. Hey,

    I would vouch for any day! I currently use them myself and have had no issues with them. You will not be disappointed. If you want anymore information about them, Feel free to drop me a PM and I would be happy to help you out :)
  8. Hivelocity, costly but 120$ if you want a good box to run 100+ players.