Best Hosting Company?

Discussion in 'Hosting Advice' started by Scotty, May 4, 2015.

  1. I am looking for a company that sells machines so that I can host my Minecraft server on it. I have never dealt with any other company besides McProHosting but they are taking my machines away. If anyone knows of a better hosting company please let me know. Keep in mind that I am not made of money.

  2. I would recommend
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  3. If you are looking at buying a dedicated server I recommend ReliableSite, brilliant support and good network.

    If you are wanting shared hosting I would say CubedHost
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    If you need a dedicated server I recommend SoYouStart.

    If you want shared host I recommend DemonVPS.

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  4. I would recommend provisionhost, barely any lag and amazing customer support :p
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  5. Shared hosts should be lag free.
    The one I mentioned is 105%* lag free. (Unless you purposely try to lag it like a huge ass
    Lava monster that no server can handle)
    105 out of 105.1*
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  6. Just my two cents, you don't have to agree ;)
  7. Eww mcprohosting... That was a WAY overpriced lagfest when i was with them...

    Ive found ShockByte to be outstanding... Perfect connection for all my players and they run some pretty decide hardware. Way better then mcprohosting.

    ...../spawnmob magmacube:
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  8. Actually lava monsters are not magma cubes.

    It when your normally in the nether with tons of lava, have a red stone circuit to trigger water flow (ice) and make A lot of oby to act like its world edit cuz it's changing all the blocks.
  9. Nice referral link.
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  10. MCProHosting
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  11. Minerack is a division of BuyVM iirc, would assume it's a good provider.

    Ramnode is lyfe
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  12. Oh weird...

    Dude... Read the OP... He said he already has MCProhost and is having issues with them.
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  13. There are already plenty of threads discussing server hosts. There are so many hosts out there, it can be though to pick out a good one.

    I personally recommend BeastNode. They've been good to me and their pricing is decent (even better with a coupon code).
  14. easyusual


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  15. No really mcprohosting was the worst host ive ever had... Connection for my players was terrible. That was about a year ago though.

    But really i have had a bunch of hosts over the years... I found ShockByte to have the best hardware for their price.

    EDIT: I just noticed he was looking for a dedicated machine, not just a host. Oops my bad.
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  16. Kimsufi, soyoustart, ovh, picklehosting , reliableside
  17. Kimsufi. Reasons coming when I get back.
  18. Its the budget line of ovh but an classic ovh vps is able to host an small server (only the highest one for good performance)
  19. easyusual


    Please don't ever host a public server on a VPS Classic xD

    They run on Opterons, which are quite simply awful for anything more than a simple private server.