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Discussion in 'Hosting Advice' started by Teo_1221, Sep 14, 2018.

  1. I already have setup a spigot server and I want to find a service that will let me upload my server for them to host for free. Any suggestions?
  2., Aternos.
  3. I would say any decent minecraft hosting have FTP access, that way you can upload it. I would recommend CubedHost.
  4. I think the server automatically stops if you have zero players, plus when you press start the server will go into a queue and must wait for another server to stop. You get what you pay for really.

    If you want a cheap host that charges prices similar to the ones you'll pay if you configured your own VPS then look at
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  5. I apologize, as this is slightly lat, however, VPScraft ( is AMAZING. For free the have a full FTP, lighting fast staff, console access, multicraft, and 100% uptime. Additional to this, your IP always stays the same, and if the server crashes it automatically turns back on.

    *Note*, when signing up, the website will ask for a form of payment, however, if you use the free service, it will not ask for credit info.
  6. Most hosts won't offer this for free as it would create an environment conducive to phishing and malware

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