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  1. Hi, im currently living in Malaysia, and I plan to start working on my own server. I know its impossible to find a host provider in my country. I'm currently planning to find one in Singapore. Is there any other suggested locations? (All of my players are my friends which live at the same location)
  2. I would reccomend checking out any larger scale game & joining servers on the given locations you want to try out. Would give you a much better reference.
  3. Do u think singapore is suitable for me? Btw I have really weak wifi Bcoz im living in the middle of nowhere XD
  4. We cant judge that. You'll need to experiment. As reference, from the middle of germany (frankfurt) I get a decent ping to the following locations: Amsterdam, London & Paris (All beneath 40ms), passable ping to Milan & Moscow (Around the 70s) which would make it relatively playable.

    Your optimal ping would be approximately around 40ms.
  5. from OVH, you can get a Singapore VPS:

    2 vCore(s) - 3.5 GHz - 4 GB RAM - 60 GB SSD - 3 TB Traffic
    S$ 14.00 (ex. GST)/month

    4 vCore(s) - 3.5 GHz - 8 GB RAM - 80 GB SSD - 4 TB Traffic
    S$ 28.00 (ex. GST)/month
  6. Yep I was looking at OVH but those packages are too expensive for me. I was considering this package

    1 vCore(s) - 3.5 GHz - 1 GB RAM
    30 GB SSD - 1 TB Traffic

    But it shows that it was out of stock.

    Edit: VPS is at Singapore
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    I would recommend OVH. Overall it has some of the fairest latency times around the world from my experience.

    Anything in Europe is horrible for US/Pacific. And anything in west USA is terrible for Europe. So East Coast USA seems the best for all around.

    But if you don't care about worldwide and just local players, just yourself then go with Singapore.
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    Then Singapore is definitely your best option
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  9. the admin has spoken.

    But for real, singapore prolly is the best you'll get around there
  10. Yep. I thought so. But all Singapore servers are sold out for ovh. Any other suggestions?
  11. There is quite a few Minecraft hosts that offer Singapore servers. Pricing ranges from about $5-10/GB. You can use Google to find a bunch. Singapore is definitely the best choice for you.
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  12. Well i prefer ovh bcoz i think its trustable and professional. Since Singapore is sold out I think ill choose Sydney then. I tested joining a sydney server and i think the ping is fine. What do u guys think?
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    If its fine for you and your friends then its fine
  14. BisectHosting has servers in Singapore.
    Test server IP:
  15. I would recommend Singapore or Australia
  16. Frankfurt, Germany because DE-CIX
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