best hosting suggestion for 25 players

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  1. Hi. Im planning to host a small community server. Im looking for a good hosting server that can sustain around
    25 players at a time with 35 to 40 working plugins.My budget is 8$ per month. currently using serverpro's basic plan which isnt going great. I have some requirements that needs to be filled such as :

    1. 2 extra open ports for votifier and gysermc
    2. Server location needs to be on singapore as the community is targeted for an asian country

    also hows anvilnode and shockbyte? are they good providers? got my eyes on em cause they provide singapore hosting whithin my budget.

    Plugin list of my server(if needed):
  2. Hi. Check out Skynode. I've never used them but they have a Singapore location if I remember correctly. Have heard far more negative feedback about Shockbyte than positive. Haven't heard much about Anvil. I would recommend a 5-6 GB server running PaperMC.

    Singapore will most likely be more expensive than a US/European server. Might not fit into your budget considering the memory requirements.
  3. I looked into sky's plan but they offer only 10gigs of storage at 10$ plan which would be problematic in the long run. hows ovh's vpn plans gonna work? theyre offering a 4gig singapore server at 11.5$. ovhs plan link
  4. 25 concurrent players? A reasonable VPS at OVH should do the trick.

    Yeh.. my small survival server all databases and maps and stuff included is already over 150gb, i dunno how others do it on cheap vps hosting with a few gigs of space. I guess they're not in it for the long run.
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  5. Agreed! Shared hosting SUCKS for storage or equivalent usually but that's how they gets. Quality NVMes are the next expensive things other than the base configuration plus DDoS protection.
  6. oh wow, they really have to limit storage? that sucks. the 10 gigs would cost them hardly anything.
  7. To be fair even a simple RAID setup does costs a bit to maintain, storage costs about 20 cents/GB for pro comsumer/Enterprise grade devices.