Best HTML coding software?

Discussion in 'Programming' started by Inkzzz, Apr 25, 2015.

  1. Auto indenting and syntax highlighting is helpful though ;)
  2. RiotShielder


    True, but any decent text editor will do that for you.
  3. Sublime Text 3. (or maybe NPP with a nice skin)
  4. I'd just use XCode or Notepad++ (based on the os)
  5. Notepad++ or Brackets <3
  6. it's all about that phpStorm
  7. You realise that Brackets is just adobe code (free software for html, JavaScript etc) with a different name...
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  8. I can just tell you tu use Sublime Text, it's very simple to use and easy to understand and find controls, but Notpad++ is good to
  9. They stopped developing Adobe Code and they went on developing Brackets further. So I didn't mention AC since there is no need to use older software which won't get any updates. But yes, it's almost just the same indeed.
  10. Either WebStorm or a purchased version of IntelliJ is the best out there, although both cost money. JetBrains is a great company and they deserve every penny tbh
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  11. Search on google....
  12. Sublime Text is love. Sublime Text is life.
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  13. Its been said many times but Sublime Text or Notepad++
  14. If you have the money, I prefer using adobe dreamweaver - as you can have a split code | display screen see what you're typing, and see the results beside it...

    There is also dropdown menus so you can quickly add things to your website (like forms, accordians, database records - etc)


    Next closest may be visual studio (it's free depending on version) ... you may use this for based websites ( | c# based etc)


    For something free - just use notepad++ ...there is syntax coloring by default ... and it's free

    It's the same as notepad, except you can adjust alignment based on tabbing - and line numbers - and colors's better than regular notepad.
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  15. Notepad++ is simple, free and gets the job done.