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Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by tigerroaring, Aug 2, 2015.

  1. Hello,
    I wanted to sell a plugin but, I want to obfuscate the code of my plugin. I was wondering if anyone could link me to a very strong java obfuscator * Please don't link me to ProGuard* Thanks in advanced.
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  2. I already did research on this subject and found this website also but this program isn't free. :( Is there anyway to get the premium version of it without paying since the evaluation version is not as good as stated on the website? Thanks in advanced.
  3. No. Not all software is free. I'm sure it has been 'leaked,' but you have written your own software so you should probably respect the developer and just pay for it.
  4. You're nuts 4 nuts if you think I have $200-$400 lol but thanks.
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  5. Zelix is the best, and yes there is plenty of cracked versions.
  6. That says everything ^^
  7. So you want a stolen version of an obfuscator so no one can steal your code? The irony is strong with this one.
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  8. I don't know, but I used ProGuard when I used to sell plugins to sketchy people.
  9. People complain about cracked programs lol everyone does it.
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  10. Why can't you use ProGuard? It works well.
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  11. Look, it's pretty simple. Why do you want to obfuscate your code? To sell it, yes? To make money of it, yes? Yet you claim you should get your software for free. It's the definition of being a hypocrit. If you want your software to be free, then supply your own share of free software.

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  12. Either use your own, or use zelix.
  13. Not the definitions of being a hypocrite because I never said I wanted the plugin to be un-leakable but only to be undecompileable
  14. People are still going to be able to decompile it.
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  15. Which one is better this Zelix or the Stringer? If the reason of the obfuscation would be the total flow operation obfuscation, to totally froze/crash the decompiler programs, or at least make them unable to decompile it to a normal java code.
  16. This is totally bad, a good obfuscated code, shouldn't just be some field/class/method name changes, it should totally overcomplicate the code to make decompilers output just the poor bytecode, because of the failed decompilation.
  17. Just BTW:
  18. Yep, this thread should be about the best java obfuscators name and properties, but not about how to get it illegally. :)
    So back to my question: Does anyone know, which one is better this Zelix or the Stringer?

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