Best Linux OS for Spigot

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  1. Hey everybody what Linux OS you suggest for best performance when i using Spigot?

    Thank you for answers in advance! :)
  2. Debian ;)
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  3. CCT


    Certainly Debian
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  4. Mostly personal preference...
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  5. Ok, thx, this is good starting command for performance?:
    Code (Text):
    screen java -Xmx1536M -Xms1536M -jar spigot.jar
    If not then what command is better to use? (3GB ram, 5Ghz VPS)
  6. I prefer Debian
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  7. joehot200


    LOLOLOLOL "5Ghz".
    a VPS isnt going to be 5Ghz.

    Intreppid offers 4.5Ghz for $300+ though.

    I like the -Xingc flag, Reduces some RAM usage:
    Code (Text):
    screen java -d64 -Xingc -Xmx1536M -Xms1536M -jar spigot.jar
  8. Personally I'd stick with a commercial distribution such as CentOS.
  9. Yes, in my VPS is 5Ghz in my country (Lithuania) is very cheap VPS. With this parameters:
    RAM: 3072 MB
    HDD: 30 GB
    CPU: 5 GHz Intel i7
    in my country worth 59Lt (25$)
  10. joehot200


    If it is not overclocked then you are lying about the CPU. Many VPS hoses lie about the CPU. My old VPS host claimed to have 10Ghz of CPU. In reality, 4.5Ghz overclocked is the max i have seen any host offer.
  11. I've seen 7ghz but that is in a regular computer for gaming.
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  12. joehot200


    That may be AMD Ghz, however it is IMPOSSIBLE to have an intel at 7Ghz. I also doubt that even overclocked it could reach 6Ghz, Though i once heard of 5.8Ghz overclocked.
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  13. I believe he is taking the numbers from the company as most companies will total the GHz from the cores. So if it us a 2CPU Cores @ 2.5GHz, they will advertise it as 5GHz (2x 2.5GHz) to make it sound better. Or in other cases, if you get 4 CPU Cores @ 3.3GHz, it will be 13.2GHz of total clock speeds. More of an advertisement gimmick I guess.
  14. joehot200


    Aha. Too true i guess :/

    Thing is, thats useless for minecraft because it only uses 1 core for the main thread. for a single server, 2 cores wont do anything better than 4 cores.

  15. Yeah, unfortunately that is the case for Minecraft users who are using VPS. But for other clients, they may need the extra cores (for other applications). I guess companies will do what they have to do to get their products to sell lol.
  16. Your server performance won't be noticeably worse or better depending on which Linux distribution you're going to use. Use what you like best. You can tweak any Linux distribution and optimize it for the applications you're going to run.

    If you want a speedy distribution, I'd suggest Arch or Gentoo. But that's only for "pros". ;) I'll stick with Debian / Ubuntu. CentOS is fine, too.
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  17. That's only partly true. Spigot can utilize multiple cores in some manners. Garbage collection may also use more than 1 core.
  18. joehot200


    Yes, Which really is why i say 2 cores. From what i have heard/seen, the other 3 cores are about 10% on a single server. That means that the second core could be 30% instead, And the server performance would not change.

    Feel free to correct me if i'm wrong.
  19. It isn't going to run better or worse on any distribution (depending on overhead) really since most operating systems handle java instances the same. It mostly boils down to personal preference. I myself prefer RHEL because I am most familiar with the syntax. So by default I usually run CentOS 6.4 final.
  20. There has been much higher overclocks then this, the problem is that the system becomes unstable.