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  1. So I'm starting a new server and I am going to make the most important choice today. Who is the best and affordable hosting out there? I've been leaning towards AnvilNode and Aquatis, but I've been told so many opinions I don't know the truth anymore

    I looked at TheMinecraftHosting, and they offered absolutely amazing deals but then one soul told me they basically sucked.

    Tell me who is the best out there... You are going to make my choice for me.

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    Players: 50
  3. Whoever you pick, talk to their support first and find out more about hardware + ask friends about them + test their services.
    Some hosts overload their machines which sometimes aren't even dedicated machines - Instead they overload VPS machines.
    Also some hosts use SWAP memory to falsely increase RAM or they lie about SSDs. This is quite common.

    My advice is that If you wish to find a good host, ask to test their services first. Write to their support to give you test panel access. Since even well-established companies aren't the best sometimes. GGServers and Fluctis are known to be huge oversellers.

    Also, for your player choice, I recommend around 4-5GB RAM - Depending mostly on the world size, number of worlds and view distance.
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  4. Overall though, what server host do yoI recommend?
  5. Since I'm not allowed to advertise our own services, I will give you a list of hosts to look for and to avoid.

    Avoid at all costs:
    - Fluctis (Panel is crap, often down or oversold ram)
    - GGServers (oversold machines, lag)
    - McProHosting (Quality is good but the price is a ripoff - 10$/GB)
    - Aquatis (I find it hard to believe that the free option uses HDD and other options use SSD)
    - Kiddie summer hosts or hosts that look fishy to you. You'll know when you see one.
    - Hosts with a price 1.3$/GB or lower. They most likely oversell!

    I've heard mixed revews:
    - Anvilnode
    - HostHorde

    I've heard good reviews:
    - Withernode (No lag, not oversold)
    - BeastNode (plans are sort of complicated but i've heard good reviews)
    - About Germanode too of course since I started working as support. We never had to refund anyone actually.
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  6. Celebrimbor


    Not discounting your informative post, just adding.

    - Panel just got a revamp (It's great!)
    - A+ customer service
    - Does not oversell
    - Unlimited SSD
    - Price is semi-competitive with similar quality hosts ($3.99/GB) with promo 'PREMIUM50'

    Are they the best? Idk...I've only used 3 total hosts and BH will likely be for life(for me) after a couple years of awesome experiences.
  7. Is aquatis any good?
  8. I wrote about Aquatis earlier.
    I find it hard to believe that the 1-week-free option uses HDD and other options use SSD at Aquatis. Which host would have a HDD machine just for test servers? Multicraft panel did not support multiple disks last time I checked.

    I have absolutely no experience with them. Apart from knowing that Aquatis was founded by someone from Mc-Market. Hmm
  9. Multicraft is built to support many servers - so this is definitely possible (every node doesn't have to use the same hardware). Although I do agree it doesn't make sense for a host to offer test servers on different hardware than they use for their regular services.
  10. I've decided to choose AnvilNode. I think I made a good choice, how about you? Did I?
  11. Celebrimbor


    @Legoman99573 may have something to say about it. I saw this comment on another thread.
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  12. For more machines, yes. But for multiple disks within one machine, no.
    Exactly. And also - Why would they have a special HDD machine just for test purposes?
  13. Celebrimbor


    @Ovichi, Germanode knows what's up. Maybe click his/her signature link ;)
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  14. That's refferal advertising which isn't allowed. You can tell why they are good/bad but you cannot advertise it with refferal links or codes.

    Also, you are clearly affiliated with Clovux:
  15. Threads and posts advertising any real-world products or services are not permitted and they will be removed. This includes services such as hosting services, YouTube videos, or other products. Affiliate links may not be used in forum posts.

    I've never posted an affiliate link anywhere, have I? My code isn't much different than your code in your banner.
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  16. You have not. But you have posted your personal code in the post which is the same.
    Signature ad is actually allowed. Saying: "Buy a product for cheaper with MY CODE" is not.
  17. Legoman99573


    I did say i would go for AnvilNode over GGServers.
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  18. Best tip I can give you, read reviews before ordering from a host ;)
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  19. Or even better, ask them for a test server.
  20. Foxvific


    All you're gonna get asking this question is bias opinions, you need to find hosting that suits your budget and performance needs.
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