Best Minecraft Webstore Provider

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  1. Hello,

    Who is the best Minecraft webstore provider.

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  2. yummyfps

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    There are four main options that I can think of:

    1. Tebex
    2. Enjin
    3. Craftingstore (I think that's what its called?)
    4. Donatecraft by @Gober

    Out of these four I have only tried Tebex and Enjin, out of the two I vastly prefer Tebex for its flexibility (Appearance Customization, Packages Customization, can use it with any forums/news provider). For example for my server my main site is using ghost and my store is using Tebex. The majority of other servers will use Xenforo for their forums/main site and Tebex for their store.

    Enjin however is very clunky, the entire framework is outdated and hard to customize. Enjin is great if you are starting out and making your ownserver but if you have the money and are looking for the best webstore provider Tebex is the better option IMO.
  3. Tebex after their rebranding increased commission percentage. Making craftingstore better.