Best Minigame to start a server with?

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by ASP, Jun 3, 2013.

  1. ASP


    Hi, I am going to be starting up a small server soon and I was wondering how I should start. I have been told that making a hub at the start just decentralizes your server unless you have 100+.

    Whatever I choose, I'll also have Parkour on my server.

    I need a nice, new, and non-custom minigame that takes time. (i.e - not SG or Deathswap, KitPvP)

    Something the community can start and bond around, something where you actually leave behind work that you can come to AND is SINGLE-PLAYER as well as MULTI-PLAYER.

    I'm thinking Skyblock, but that's kind of getting old. And SkyGrid is simply weird.

    Anyone have any ideas?
    Malo LiLChris
  2. SurvivalGames, because only a few servers has it.
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  3. I would say CTF or TF2....I have CTF on my HUB server and players love it...Also skyblock is awesome!
  4. joehot200


    Skyblock... i knew there was something i had forgotten to add to my server!

    oh and use the plugin War for things like CTF and TDM's.
  5. I use a modified version of this plugin here for my CTF - >
    As we got the source code, we added new kits/abilities/fixes (the default kits sucks....)
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  6. ASP


    I think I'll start with Skyblock. How did you first build up your initial community and what did your server start with?
  7. libraryaddict


    Well this is sort of self advertising but eh.

    You could go with a hungergames sort of thing.

    Then changed messages using the translation option to give the feeling of a gamemode which isn't too similar to other servers. Don't really need to as not much servers seem to be running my plugin.

    Then added in plugins which change minor details. It would make your server stand out.
    This goes for all servers. You want to have a server which sticks out.

    Examples are zombies the only monsters and have increased speed. Meteorites fall. And so on.

    You could also have custom terrain using terrain control to give people a new landscape they can play on.
    Not the same old landscape

    Personally I don't see the appeal in skyblock. Which I guess just means I shouldn't play it.

  8. Yes, but players have nothing to bond over in HG. They play with different people every time. A server just starting won't have many players anyway... so there wouldn't be that much popularity.
  9. CustomForms

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    Factions servers are all the rage for nonexperienced owners at this time. Easiest type of server to set up.
  10. LiLChris

    LiLChris Retired Moderator

    Agreed, seems silly to add HG to a new server.

    Parkour, Timed courses, Mob Arena, are nice starter games that you can play with others or by yourself.
    Skyblock is a niche group of players, and when they usually screw up they will stop playing out of anger.
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  11. Quite the contrary actually.

  12. Heh, didn't expect you on this thread.
  13. Factions servers are awful and unoriginal.
  14. CustomForms

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    Good you think that way. Start with something never seen before.
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  15. LiLChris

    LiLChris Retired Moderator

    Starting a fresh server and splitting up the server/world with Skyblock just seems silly.
    If your going to make a Skyblock server and push for those players then yea that will work.

    Also if you are who you seem to be, that is a whole different story...
    Having & creating the game is automatic win. ;)
  16. My server started off as a Factions server... where people can bond and whatnot. My minigames servers are populated with temp people who come and go. I feel like only long-term "team" style things are very effective with the bonding thing you are going for
  17. joehot200


    @BioSmasher i agree with you there, especially before bungee when you had about 150 people online, at least 70% of them were just playing hungergames, and not enjoying the actual server.
  18. PhanaticD


    create your own is the best :D

    i recommend the war plugin its really great for making your own games and you dont necessarily need a seperate server for it either