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  1. Hi Guys!

    I own a server that goes by the name of KoboKraft. The IP is in my signature and also at the bottom of this thread.

    We have completely set up a Factions server and KitPvP server and have a player base of approx. 5-7 a day. This amount will not keep the server up for long. What I ask today is if by any chance you can tell me the best way of advertising with the least amount of money. We have approx. $300 in funds to spend on advertisements. What would the best way to go?

    Note I have a rate my server page here:

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    Options I've seen are pretty much what everyone else has...
    • Rent a slot MCSL/MS.ORG - weekends better but more 'spensive .
    • Hire a YouTuber (One video, approx 30k avg views p/vid on channel).
    With both ways make your money back and reinvest o:


    Because that's how it works. xD
  3. A .org can range from 1-3 thousand dollars. For a starting server with little money, I don't think that would be my best option. But, for a youtuber, I can't find someone who would be ideal priced. Ideas?
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    • Rent a slot MCSL/MS.ORG - weekends better but more 'spensive .
    Not buy, rent.

    If you can't find a YouTuber you're not looking hard enough, sorry :/ go through the featured/friend's channels lists etc. There are lots and lots of YouTubers out there.
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  5. I think bebopvox won't show off any servers on MCM. He has never done that and I doubt he would do it unless you pay a ton of cash. Also, MCM shows are coming out less frequently than before.
  6. Youtubers. Worked out very well for me.
    However your budget here is a large limiting factor, and for it to be the most effective, it is likely you'll need to spend more if you wish to go down this route.

    $300 will land you a video of ~20-40k views, but I can't promise how many players will join. I've purchased two videos in total from youtubers in the past, both getting 160k+ views, peaking at player counts of 130 and 200. From those two sessions, it has drastically influenced my player count and total unique joins; ~200 short of 15 thousand. Considering I first went public around the start of this year, this should be enough to convey the powerful method of youtuber advertising.
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  7. Surely there are other ways of gaining players not though the conventional means highlighted in this thread. You could easily research around and find websites related to minecraft that have advertisement space on or you can contact the hoster. In addition to this you can sponsor youtubers and give them a server to create the videos of whatever then they can advertise for you for that.