Solved Best MySQL (free) ban system?

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  1. Hey,
    Do you guys happen to know any good (and perhaps free) ban systems for Bugnee?
    A GUI would be helpful, but not mandatory.

    Thanks for the help and the suggestions! <3
  2. I personally love MaxBans

    Edit: No, it's not for BungeeCord, but if you're using MySQL, they'll be banned on any Spigot server they join anyway, which kinda gives you the same effect.
  3. Thanks! Will definitely check it out!
  4. MaxBans
    Last Updated: Sep 7, 2016

    Check out BanManager, they have all of MaxBans features, and so much more.
  5. It's not like I need one at the moment since my server ain't publicly accessible yet. I've used it roughly 1,5 years ago and it always worked great and had lots of configuration.

    Well excuse me for suggesting something that hasn't been updated for half a year and probably still works fine

    Also, the thread is marked as solved. Why are you bumping it?
  6. Banmanager does the job :)
    GUI requires a web server tho.
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  7. MaxBans free and LiteBans buy