Best Operating System For My Server..

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  1. Hello .. First of All Sorry For My Bad English..!

    6 Month Ago I opened a Large Hub SErver With 250 + user
    I had 2 Dedcated Server
    i73700 k 2x
    3 TB Hdd (no ssd) 4x
    32 GB ram 2 x
    windows 2008 Server 64 Bit
    I used java 7 Location Germany

    So I am planning to buy SSD server from France..
    A simple question.. I am scearing from using Linux.. Is it really make huge difference between processor usage?
    Why people prefer linux or centos?
    I don't have problem about RAM .. but everytime my processors becoming %100
    I got 4 bungee and 20 server +
    So what should i do?? Which one is better? Windows or Linux? Please explain it. Thanks
  2. Linux is better, Linux is optimized for these types of things. If you want no lag, better performance, I personally recommend using Linux. My favorite distribution is Ubuntu 14.10.
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  3. Does anyone can write detailed information? 1 GB ram is doesn't matter for me if there is no difference
  4. Yes Linux is More Optimized for this kind of stuff
  5. But How much difference it cause?* Because windows is very easy to use.. Learning and using Linux is a different story..
  6. Not really, people prefer Linux, but you can use windows and have next to no performance difference.
    1) CentOS is a variant of Linux.
    2) It's just an overall personal preference over Windows.
    Host Bungeecord on a different node, and always remember ram isn't the main factor all of the time.

  7. i know dude.. So i am trying to increase performanca of processors.. So there is no difference between linux or windows about processor usage..
    I will host bungee server in different vds ..
  8. The whole windows vs Linux CPU usage debate is quite complex. In some circumstances Linux will consume more CPU than Windows on certain tasks however it the predominant view is that Linux performs better than Windows overall.
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  9. Linux. Windows takes way too much recources
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  10. Debian/Linux/CentOS for optimal performance in my experience for minecraft servers
  11. CentOS 6.5 or Debian :p